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Ron Paul Roll Call

The original poster has removed this post in favor of a better explanation of the idea presented. It is a new post titled "An idea to inject some accountability into the primaries"

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Second Shot

This idea was much more cumbersome when I first posted about it. I simplified it and I think it's more workable now. I think it's really naive to believe that they won't try to steal these primary wins from us. I really want us to work on this. It will be too late on primary night.

Ever since Rand won.....

...I don't worry so much about all the conspiratorial vote counting stuff....If you'll recall, confronted with totally entrenched, establishment opposition...including his opponent being the one counting the votes...he still pulled off an impressive victory.
I ain't saying it don't happen and that we shouldn't be vigilant, but apparently there's still some integrity left in the system.

Just sign an affidavit card.

Saying exactly who you voted for, that's it.

There won't be any type of dirty trash like that this time, you're dealing with lots of militia members, armed voters and trained marksmen. It will be VERY straight forward.

The amount of little crap they'll be allowed to do will be so minimal it shouldn't even be on T.V. Napolitano will also go.

I just think it's naive

to trust the party officials or the election commission. As for the affidavit card, do all states have them? How would we get enough Paul voters to get them and turn them in? How would we know we needed to. Please read and comment.

this feels like a great step.

this feels like a great step.