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Convo about Ron Paul at 80 mph on interstate in VA

So I haven't been following Ron Paul for a whole two years or very little till now, I'm back into it! Been busy with university life and sports. Anyhow, I was driving my 4runner down I-81 near Harrisonburg, Virginia back in May this year and this guy in a Honda car from Penn. kept giving me the thumbs up for my Ron Paul sticker, he would pass me and give me a thumbs up or I'll pass him, etc. till we both finally were driving at the same speed around 80mph on a clear day on I-81 near New Market and he rolled down his window and I rolled down my window and he was talking to me while driving about Ron Paul and how much he liked him, and I talked too. It was really funny and made my day! Ron Paul for the long haul! Just thought I'd share, no one but a Ron Paul fan would have a conversation at 80mph on a interstate! haha

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Had similar instance driving down 10fwy San Bernardino County...

This was sometime last year, as I was driving back heading home from Cabazon Outlet (and some Casino Morongo fixx), this elderly couple in an S-Class had the same Ron Paul for Pres rear window sticker as my Passat wagon has. Both of us kept passing each other at 80-90mph till he decided to head south of the 215fwy (towards San Diego perhaps), we otoh kept driving west towards Los Angeles...each of us kept returning our thumbs up. My apolitical/entrepreneurial Chinese-American gf next to me was like..."What the hell are you doing..".

Felt like an adrenalin rush then..but it was all good! :)


I have a RP sticker on my sk8brd. I get a lot of people that compliment it.




2000 ISAT Major

Seems like just yesterday....it goes by VERY VERY VERY fast....enjoy it...take lots of pictures...

Hey Harrisonburg, I remember you!

Roanoke here...we've got our RP group back together and have been active for about 6 weeks. There's a guy in our group from Harrisonburg who has been talking to people there about forming a local RP group.

Email me through the DP or contact us though Facebook, and I can hook you up with the H'burg people. :)



You two were breaking the

You two were breaking the law, weren't you?!?

Scandalizing! Ron Paul, 2012!


haha awesome RP12

haha awesome


You worry me


New Hampshire and Ecuador.