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Presidential candidate Ron Paul draws cheers in stop at Windham library

WINDHAM — During a whirlwind tour of southern New Hampshire on Saturday, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul didn't mince words when tackling topics such as the national debt, solutions for economic recovery and the looming debt ceiling.

“I'm strongly opposed to raising the debt ceiling,” Paul said during one of his several local appearances Saturday afternoon. “Our problem right now is that our nation's debt has gotten too big. But just making it bigger isn't going to improve things.”

The Texas congressman made stops at area businesses and public venues in Derry, Salem and Windham this weekend, in hopes of drumming up local support for his 2012 presidential bid.

Appearing before a packed house at Windham's Nesmith Library, Paul brought audience members to their feet several times during his speech on the nation's challenged economy. He also answered questions on everything from the nomination process for Supreme Court judges to the uncertain future of the Social Security system.


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