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The Debt Ceiling Dog and Pony Show.

http://www.freemarketfan.com/ By now most people are familiar with the theatrics going on in Washington surrounding the proposal to raise the debt ceiling. The Democrats led by President Obama are insisting it is necessary to raise the ceiling to avoid default. The Republicans are posing as opposition by holding meetings and speaking in platitudes about the need to reign in spending. No doubt a deal has already been agreed upon and the daily news updates only serve as an attempt to placate the disgruntled masses. The people know there is something fundamentally wrong with borrowing more money to avoid not being able to pay back the money you already owe.

The reality is the political circus of Republicans vs. Democrats is all for show. They are both big government statist parties now. The real battle is between the big government statists and the constitutionally minded, small government types. The main proponent of the latter is of course the principled Ron Paul. The Ron Paul presidential campaign committee has ads titled help Ron Paul fight to prevent a debt ceiling betrayal. See here: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/pages/debtceilingbetrayal_gb.html... People are beginning to awaken.

The debt ceiling fiasco is an example of why the political elites don't really care which of the two big government parties are in power, or for that matter which bozo is behind the podium. They are happy as long as it is one of the big government statists who will be willing to take their marching orders if elected. It's always the same it seems, a hodge podge of men and women, from various states, all under their thumb. Once the primary season begins to take shape, a billion dollars of funding and an army of main stream media talking heads get to work. The idea is to control the acceptable topics of debate. Small government, pro liberty candidates are belittled and hidden. In this way, the elites manage to stack the deck where either the Democrat or Republican nominee is acceptable, and the voters think they are actually having a say.

Once elected, the president does not call the shots. Does anyone really think Obama cares about Libya? No, he is doing what he is told by his keepers. Those are the people who put him into office. He answers to them, not the American people. The same can be said of congress as a whole. They voted for the bank bailout bill despite a vocal uproar against it from the populace.
It is important to keep the real political battle in mind when you hear news stories about how the Republicans and Democrats are battling it out to defend their beliefs. Because they are both in favor of more and more government, and thus less and less individual freedom, there is no doubt the ceiling will be raised. It will be raised because the real alternative which is to shrink the size and scope of government will not be considered.

There is another way. The alternative to government interventions into the economy is called the free market. The free market means peace and freedom. Everything the government declares is necessary, from fishing licenses, to legal tender laws, to health care legislation is backed up by the threat of force. If you take any infraction to its logical conclusion, the end result involves a badge and a gun. If you resist, it means possible death.

Recently there was a news story of an elderly woman who was fined because she threw a newspaper in the garbage as opposed to recycling it. Suppose she ignored the citation and went along as if nothing had happened. She may receive more and more citations in the mail, perhaps with late fees and new fines. Eventually a judge will require a court appearance. If she ignores this she will have an outstanding warrant for her arrest. Perhaps she lives alone and has a revolver her protection. Not accustomed to visitors, she keeps it on her person when an unexpected visitor arise. The police knock on her door. The woman is scared that a strange man is shouting for her to open the door. It doesn't take much imagination to see how this could result in the old lady dead on the floor with a parade of government employees from the judges, to the police officer, to the busy body who proposed the law, all shaking their heads.

No we don't need more government suffocating people with its laws, rules and regulations. We need to shrink government drastically and shrink it now. The alternative is more money printing, more unemployment, a stagnant economy, rising inflation , and a dollar crisis as the paper backed currencies go the way of the dodo bird. See Big time trouble dead ahead thanks to the Federal Reserve. http://www.freemarketfan.com/2011/06/big-time-trouble-dead-a...

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It is absolute bullshit that without the debt ceiling being raised the U.S. and world economy will go down the toilet.

Raising the debt ceiling is tantamount to all the bailouts - it is all about bailing out the GOVERNMENT. It is about maintaining the government's ability to BUY VOTES. And it is about maintaining the RECIPIENT'S ability to receive the largess, mostly in the form of corporate welfare but also in the form of paychecks for those who work for government.

It ain't YOUR debt. It's the GOVERNMENT'S debt, and they are merely FORCING you to pay it.

And unless you work for government or get welfare from government you have precious little to show for your share of the cost.