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FED flys rainbow flag below american flag

The n.w.o. continues to subvert Americas moral foundation this month by flying the sex pervert flag under the American flag at the 'federal reserve'.

'President Obama has declared June "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month" -- and to the dismay of a pro-family group based in Richmond, Virginia, the Federal Reserve Bank is joining in the celebration.

Though The Family Foundation's new office in Richmond has a beautiful view of the state capitol and the flags, the rainbow flag fluttering from the flagpole outside the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is also in view. Foundation president Victoria Cobb does not expect it to fly away any time soon.

"Our expectation is it'll be flying all month," she predicts. "We think the Federal Reserve ought to be focused on the economy rather than focusing on special rights."..continue reading at


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Every thinking American

Every thinking American should know by now that there is a major disconnect between many of our politicians and the American people. It's not that these politicians don't understand that their agenda is opposed by most Americans. They really don't care.

They are not working for us. It's not the American people who are demanding continual undeclared wars around the world. It's not the American people who are demanding more and more spending. Just the opposite. People are very concerned about what is happening to the economy with runaway spending. The same can be said for Obamacare, and many other programs that are being rammed down our throats.

We are not going to change the minds of these politicians. As I said, they don't work for us even though we pay their salaries. They are working for special interests. We need to vote them out of office.

And that doesn't mean voting Republican. Many of the Republican candidates are no different than the Democrats. We need to clean house, and that means voting for the best candidate, regardless of party,

The National Republicans Party is bought and paid for, so candidates favored by the party leadership will just continue the process.

Meanwhile, let our politicians glory in their sexual preferences. I really don't care what they do with each other. They are a perverse lot. But we have the opportunity to vote them out. The ball is in our court.

If you don't like the antics of the menagerie in power, vote them out. But make sure that you don't replace them with their Republican counterparts.

We should not give any

We should not give any special recognition to any group of individuals. We should only recognize individuals.

A major bank is joining in by

A major bank is joining in by holding an employee event to recognize the GLT groups. The employees are in disbelief that a private matter, such as what you do in your spare time in the bedroom, is being recognized as a special group.

How about "Citizens Opposed to Broccoli" group. It's that absurd.

How did these people become so powerful and why do I care who they sleep with.

I am SO against a "sexual

I am SO against a "sexual orientation type" month set up by the president that it really honks me off. On so many levels I can not begin.

What did you expect?

The Federal Reserve isn't going to be flying a yellow Gadsden flag any time soon. Imagine the outrage if the Fed did that. Maybe the rainbow flag is a PR tool to make the Fed seem more friendly and positive to Barny Frank.

Since we know the "Fed" is a private institution,

and not part of the Federal government, my guess is that Fed president is "rainbow colored" (or a close family member).

Next month: Bernanke does Broadway


It'd pair nicely with the three ring circus.

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Obviously there is not pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. ;)

Wonder what RP's take is on this?


i supposed it depends on if you dig that style or not

On the federal level I am pretty sure he would be against it, religiously... not really sure and on a personal level odds are you would have to ask him.

It depends on which hat he has on odds are.

Not sure why the rainbow got taken though....

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