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Cannabis Culture's Marc Emery Endorses Ron Paul


A clip:

"No activist of conscience can possibly vote for or support the re-election of Barack Obama as President, especially when the principled Ron Paul is still a viable candidate for the Republican Party nomination. Ron Paul would end the federal drug war in its entirety, immediately. Ron Paul would withdraw the imperial armies and navies of the US from Iraq, Afghanistan, all Europe, Asia, and the middle east. Ron Paul would do everything that Barack Obama hasn't, won't and can't do: balance the budget, end the warfare state, end the drug war, and restore the civil liberties lost since September 11, 2001. Ron Paul's record in the US Congress is impeccable and he is scrupulously honest. I have supported him for many, many years as editor of Cannabis Culture, and I have campaigned for him in 2008. I support him unwaveringly. He is for a transparent government, an obedience to the intent of the Constitution, to a nation founded on inalienable civil liberties and economic liberty. He is everything Barack Obama is not."

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Support MARC!

Let's send him letters of thanks and support!

...and a Ron Paul T-shirt that he can wear while playing that Bass guitar!

Hi xxeaglesg

That's a great idea! I think this is a good opportunity to support Michael too and send a DP tee. I was thinking of getting the one with the red circle... think Marc might like that in an XL?

(((( hug for you ))))

Marc's Prison Blog

Unfortunately for Marc, he has contracted the MRSA superbug after being bitten by a brown recluse spider.


Hi Calgary4Paul

I thought Marc supported Obama over Ron Paul, though he was very positive about Ron Paul, the hatred for the GOP had him going with Obama. I did n't look it up, being on dial up. Still I believe Emery is the voice of the cannabis movement. Maybe I am wrong?

(((( hug for you ))))

Marc supported Ron from the beginning

He was never taken in by Obama, much to his credit. I have to say I'm very disappointed that more Canadians haven't rallied to Marc's cause. The media don't give the case a lot of coverage, as would be expected.

Hi Calgary4Paul

It appears that many Canadians prefer to be as far away from the USA as possible.

I'm suprized more organizers of cannabis events, festivals, didn't come up with a tour, or something for Marc.. but laws have been changing so fast, peole live in a fear of breaking the law and don't do much of anything but eat and hang out on the computer....

(((( Calgary4Paul))))

Have a great posting day and THANKS for giving a hoot!

I wonder if Marc can get Colloidal Silver

in prison? If he can get his hands on a few small silver wires and a 9v battery, he can make his own and drink it to kill the MRSA infection.

Here's a very good article on silver vs MRSA infections.