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Part III: The Benefits of Subscribing to the Daily Paul

Part I: I got rid of the Bachmann ads
Part II: Introducing Daily Paul Subscriptions

By now you know that the Daily Paul has a new voluntary subscription program, allowing community members to make ongoing monthly contributions to the site. Revenue goes towards funding ongoing operations of the site, and funding further features and improvements.

The primary benefit for all subscribers ($5 per month and above) is ad free browsing of the Daily Paul. Get rid of the clutter! Once you log into your account, the ads disappear!

Also, subscribers may switch the new logo header to the classic, full-width banner.

Premium Subscribers - $10 & above

As a Premium Subscriber, in addition to an ad-free DP, you can:

  • Have your uploaded profile portrait/avatar appear in your comments.
  • Replace the current Active Forum Topics block with the new My Active Topics block at My Account > Edit, under Block Configuration (here), which can:
    • Filter content based on its forum
    • Exclude authors of your choosing from your browsing experience (not from the site itself)
    • Show post details like: author, # of new/comments, post date
    • Very shortly be able to update in near-real time.
  • Ready? Now Subscribe and help secure the future of the Daily Paul.

    Note: Javascript is required for these features.
    The latest version of your browser is recommended, and using Internet Explorer is strongly discouraged for your own safety when using any website anywhere.

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