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Your post is right on the money

And to all the veterans on this site who have been here from the beginning, dosen't it make you feel good when new people to this site start talking about working hard and going door to door? I sure does lift my spirits

He needs to SPEND all his money on TV in target states

I for one will be pissed if he does not.

Of course its a great start now, which needs a second follow up ad, then a third, and a forth ad, and so on. He needs to be on TV MORE than Mitt and Bachman, PERIOD. All FUNDS go to TELEVISION.

Now that is what will get the MSM free air time and get the RANK N FILE to believe Ron Paul is the man to beat. If anything, they make the Rank n File wait to see a RESPONSE from Mitt Romney. Ron's ads must...MUST ATTACK MITT ROMNEY and the WARs that OBAMA and BUSH has done.

What really bothered me last time around was the 2007 monies where saved, not spent and spent on such things as brochures.

For the Rank n File Republican YOU ARE NOT LEGIT unless YOU ARE ON TV. TELEVISION is the only thing that make rank and file confused as to WHO the Front Runner is. Therefore RON PAUL's ad campaign MUST convince regular republicans that RON PAUL is the MAN to beat.

When Ron Pauls poll numbers go up, he will see the money poor in.

Best of all, RON PAUl's ADs must have a 1-800-Donate TODAY at the end.

I need to see the campaign OUT OF FUNDS and begging to go on to South Carolina before I send in more funds.

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They still won't give him more coverage...

*NO* amount of donations will gain the campaign equal coverage, when the owners of the Media have basically gone on record saying they want a Global Federal Reserve.

So no matter what, they will not be given equal coverage.

They have to take all the coverage they DO get, to run commercials like Conviction - with the phone # - and increase the exposure of the ads through radio/youtube & the rest.

Tell the sponsor you will never buy another product again, unless they support Dr. Paul on air. This will help them get a consistent stream of coverage:

However, he will never have the same amount of airtime as Romney or Pawlenty -- the Federal Reserve Media is too far in bed.

The U.S. media is bought and paid for as we all know....

and we just made that certain by your post. Internet is where most of Ron Paul's followers are. Too bad our media is not tied into the internet like most of those in the nation. Oh, well, it is what it is. I am so looking forward to seeing some of Ron Paul's campaign advertising on our nation's television media soon. I would be more than willing to contribute to fund that for sure, and I hope the campaign is reading this right now.

Remember to hold them to the firing line...

There is only one way to get the media to "play" the truth on T.V. and that is to hold them to the firing line, basically.

Sign up for 20 minutes each day, watch them dance to your tune and start covering Paul like crazy.

Sorry Sam

A boycott may make people feel better but it won't change anything. It is not about the money for them it is about survival for the people that control the media. Nothing will get the MSM to give Dr.Paul equal time. Nothing

the educated are online

the sheep watch tv

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The sheep out number us. And they vote.


Elephants & Donkeys vote predictably

Seen bears & bulls vote... Made a mess of the machine. The Bull Moose made the biggest mess I ever seen in voting. Out West, seen a coyote try to vote, but he saw nothing worth voting on... he lite out after a squirrel last I saw of 'em.

If you are referring to the, "Know nothing" party, they voted.. in disgust.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Very depressing