Homeschoolers For Ron Paul

This homeschooling mom says:

If you haven’t at least Googled Ron Paul, do yourself a favor and do that now. I am a registered Democrat folks. I have never voted for a Republican in my life. A friend spoke to me about Ron Paul and I took her advice and Googled his name. I think it might have changed my life, and I am not kidding. Never have I been inspired by someone who was running for the office of the president before. Never have I considered actually donating money before. But I am inspired by him and his constant truth and principle. I actually donated money to a political campaign. I am still shocked by that, and the fact that I will continue to donate as I am able until he (hopefully) wins the primary.

Read the whole thing here.

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Touching and good

This is how campaigns are carried forward: one person plants a seed with another and a little bloom of awareness takes root and grows.

This piece is just awfully good. Touching too, because a newly-awakened mind is something special.

It is often said of religion that there is no more dedicated advocate than a convert. This homeschooling mom may go on to do great things for the Ron Paul campaign.