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Help chipin for my delegation ticket for Presidency 5 strawpoll+debate in Orlando please!

Four $20 donations have already been made by our fellow liberty lovers in the RonPaulForums. That brings the total to 45%, which is just $95 shy of reaching its goal by July 20th, so only 3 days left.

The Chipin website address is: http://libertymax.chipin.com/presidency-5-delegation-ticket-...

All the verification details can be found at this thread at RonPaulForums.com: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?302846-Help-chip...!

Please donate any amount, for anything helps. I will update the purchase details, and then photograph and video the event along with a detailed report. I will have the gas money but need help on the event cost please. Thanks.

For Liberty,

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