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News Teasers -- Do they still work in 2011?

Though I don't watch much TV, I was just watching Fox News. Right before the commercial break, the oldie but goodie (in TV land's eyes) emerged: the "Teaser."

The Fox News reporter teased the viewers about the Republican vs Democrat baseball game. He stated some where along the lines of: "I'll let you know who won, when we come back."

In 2011, do News Teasers work?????? I mean, I knew that the Dems won by 8-2 days ago. (Not that I wanted to know or even care about a stupid congressional baseball game -- I just accidentally found the info online days ago.)

And when I watch the local news channels (which I can't stand 'cause all of them are morons who TRY to be jovial and impressive with nonsensical banter), when a Teaser comes up, all I do is go online and even before they come back from commercial I got the news story and have no need to watch the show anymore.

Teasers came about as a way to hold the viewers interest. Enough so, that the viewer will continue to watch the program and as a result will watch all of the advertisers' commercials.

I feel compelled to comment on the fact that the so-called Teasers, in the age of the internet, would be better served if they tease less and reveal more.

For example, the Fox News reporter could have said: "The Dems beat the Repubs, I'll will give you all the details when we come back." Now a Teaser stated that way, reveals more info (and teases less) and at the same time, invokes interest for some viewers.

Just saying, is all.

All I want is the News. I don't want banter. And I don't want morons "Teasing." If I stick around after the commercial break, then I stick around. If I watch all (or most) commercials, then I watch them.

But News "Teasers" don't keep me around. They push me away.

Perhaps News stations could join me in the year 2011 and rethink their business strategy.

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