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Here's an idea on spreading the "For Liberty" DVD's...

Just looking at the prices, it seems that we can get them for $2.50 a piece, or 80 cents a piece depending on how many we buy.

Well, with the awesome power of the Daily Paul, I see no reason why anyone has to pay $2.50 a piece.

I would be willing to chip in $100 if 7 other people wanted to do the same. That would give me 125 DVD's for $100 instead of 100 DVD's for $125.

We could also get 16 people together who each chip in $50. There would be extra mailing expense, but I still think it might be worth it.

Not sure how we'd handle this logistically though. Just a thought to save some bucks and be more efficient at spreading the message.

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2 ideas

A couple of things I am doing to help spread the word:

I have found that the DVD 'For Liberty' is a very strong tool for promoting Ron.

1) I went to my local cable company and met with the guys in charge of the Public Access channel. I gave them a couple of 'For Liberty' DVD's. One to play on TV and a few copies for them to take home. They are now RP supporters and will play that video twice a day until the election.

It's very easy to do. Just call your local cable company and ask for the Public access channel dept. I've spoken with Chris (one of the guys at ronpaulfilm.com) and we have permission to play it on tv. Should they ask for some kind of permission, the guys at ronpaulfilm.com will be happy to provide what ever is needed.

2) I'm going to put a DVD along with a piece of candy in every 'trick-or-treaters' bag that comes to my home. I may put a sticker on each dvd that reads "for mom and dad". I get about 100 kids every year.