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Responding to the electability question

I am really bothered when reporters ask Dr Paul about his electability. It wouldd be great if he couldd grill them on their ethics such as the following:

As a professional journalist, you are to be unbiased. How do you determine which of us are unelectable?

If it is by the polls, will you ask the same electability question to every candidate who is behind me in the polls?

If you do not ask this of other candidates, then it appears you are trying to influence how people vote, and that is unprofessional. It is a form of rigging an election.

You should not promote your favorites and discredit those you disagree with. You make candidates unelectable by treating them so.

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Somehow we've got to put an

Somehow we've got to put an end to this nonsense.

I recall Rand questioning Spitzer's journalism once, and it seemed to take the wind out of his sails.

Seems the "journalists" are either blatantly ignoring Dr Paul, or trying to discredit him.

They need to be called on it.

It is not the

job of a journalist to determine the electibility of a candidate...that is the role the voters play and only the voters decide or should decide that. The jounalist role is to simply report the results. Of course journalism is dead.

FU frank and Carl Cameron!

Credibility? Do you have any sirs!

And don't forget...