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This is in no way constructive. The goal of this mission is to get this man in office my heart drops when I hear people telling me he can't win. The bottom line is this is America, if the people want him in office nothing can stop him. For people to say he can't win is like saying the people of the U.S. have given up on freedom, to which my answer to you is, the fire of freedom no matter how dim, is alive in every American's heart. It's up to us to fuel these fires not stomp them out. Listen to Ron speak about blow back, The last campaign had a significant amount of positive blow back. Who are you to say he can't win, to say the GOP will not change it's ways is wrong how do you think they got to this point. I come from a family of Neocon Republicans who also thought Ron was a kook, but when I showed them some videos they changed their minds and started supported him. Do you think I would've convinced them by saying "Oh yea hes the best one but there's no way he can win". Come on people the glass is half full it's up to us to fill it up not dump it out.

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Yeah, I get the "I like what he has to say, but he's (RP) unelectable". To that I used to use the Dennis Kucinich paraphrase "Well, he's only unelectable if you don't vote for him".

Now I just say "I've seen what electable candidates and politicians have done to the world, don't you think it's time to start putting the unelectable ones in office?".

Went to the hardware store to stock up on motivational tools.

They just had a run on pitchforks. Now the're on back order till 2013.

They don't stock buggy whips anymore. [ Sigh ]

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

i'm so not religious

but i am so saying


to THAT bro.

Fing AMEN to THAT!!!!

god damn!!

Vote For Ron Paul or Consider Yourself A Traitor

Anytime I hear people tell me how he can't win it makes me realize how uneducated people really are (myself included). As of now my response is simple

You either vote FOR the constitution or consider yourself a traitor.

It is that simple and that is 100% correct. If you are not FOR Ron Paul and standing WITH the constitution then consider yourself AGAINST AMERICA.

Ron Paul is going to win the republican nomination and then obama is going to have to get out of Ron's house a.s.a.p. so he can start removing the traitors.

I think there will be a huge day of reckoning for those who tried to destroy our republic and can't wait to be there to see it.

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Live and Let Live

take over the republican party

ron paul has already shifted the entire party in his direction and it wouldn't take many hardcore activists to push us over the top.

'it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather a tireless, irate minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men'

-sam adams

What videos did you use?

I need some suggestions.

Excellent message concept

but if you are going to convince many in writing, you'll need to pay a lot more attention to proper spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. I counted 19 errors in your paragraph.

It's not just the few who respond here that you're writing to. As the campaign season advances we'll have many newcomers visiting Daily Paul and getting first impressions based on what they read here. If they see posts that are sloppy with the language they may go away with the impression that Paul's supporters are just a bunch of ignorant bumpkins. We all need to try harder to make a good impression.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.



I don't see how he can't win.

If we all put in the effort I think it is totally going to happen. If we win the primary it will be so dramatic that it will catapult us way past Obama's chances.




Bunp. It's the new pnwd. LOL

A good point, yes.

But without everyone taking out 20 minutes every day to boycott their sponsors, the Campaign is not going to receive all the coverage it needs. And a landslide is how it must go.

So are you doing your part? Even if all you have is 20 minutes per day, that's all it takes...to get them to back off and put Paul's name in the limelight where it has to be.


Each time you write, make it clear that you will never buy another product. And write an additional letter showing you will only buy a product that gives advertising support to Dr. Paul, of which there are many, as it is under a free market.