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Full and Half Moon

Looking to the night sky is my favorite way to relax and clear my mind. Thought I'd share my videos of the full moon from July 14th and 15th.

Half Moon July 22 2011 3 Real Time Passes
I set it to music this time. Watch in Full Screen and 1080pHD mode for best viewing.

Full Moon real time pass July 14th 2011

Full Moon real time pass 1 July 15th 2011

Full Moon real time pass 2 July 15th 2011 (With Clouds)

Full Moon real time pass 3 July 15th 2011

Was going to put them to music but could not find the time or the right song.

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those are some awesome videos, thanks.

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quite serene


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Checkout the new one

set to music.

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