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Riddle Me This (Possible nuke plant problem?)

Riddle Me This (Possible nuke plant problem?)

This thought just crossed my mind and realizing the importance of this very possible scenario I knew I had to post this in hopes of creating some form of corrective action if necessary.


As we all know there has recently been a number of problems with nuke plants these days. Of these problems encountered, the most common one that keeps popping up of “major concern” has involved the electrical generator stations getting flooded and drowning out the generators that power the water pumps that keep the rods from going into melt down.

Seems the antidote to this problem keeps getting handled by bringing on line a set of backup generators if the main ones fail. So, WHAT IF……

WHAT IF a country is hit with a pulse bomb??? Pulse bombs short out all computerized and/or digital equipment, THUS most newer-day or modern generators are computerized and will NOT run, BACKUPS INCLUDED! WHAT THEN???

Thinking about this reminded me of a story that I heard, some years back. The story was about the U.S. and they got a hold of some soviet jet and dissected it. What they found was an old electron emitting tube type electrical system in the jet rather than the newer transistor type. The scientists laughed saying how out dated this was to be used on a jet of these times. But one scientist wasn’t laughing. He said this kind of jet could fly in the event of a pulse bomb.

By the way things have been going and because almost all aircraft made today are made of the newer type electronics, I presume that most, if not all, nuke plant generators around the world are also of the newer computer, digital type also. AND if this story is true and the old-type electronics can function in the event of a pulse attack then they need to revert back to the old type inductive charge system, AND IT SHOULD BE MANDATED IMMEDIATELY.

Do we have any electrical technicians here that can vouch for this concept? If this checks out to be true the words got to spread and ALL generators MUST be replaced or updated ASAP.

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over 5 HP. all motors are 3 phase.

this is the simplest type of motor there is. it is also the most bulletproof. no electronics required.
it is criminal that they could not fly in a generator in time.
they built it on the coast, in an earthquake prone area.
and the generators got wet? WHO would have thought!

Not exactly right, but good thinking...

The truth is that the enviro-nazis have prevented us from building new nuclear power plants, so I would venture to say that the electronics in most nuclear plants is 30-40 years old at least. Most of our operating reactors are OLD.

Second, if they were to build new ones... and they were willing to spend what was required, new nuclear plants could be build MUCH safer. "Pebble bed Reactors" (PBR's) are inherently safe and WILL NOT meltdown BY DESIGN.

PBR's have the fuel pebbles placed far enough apart so as to prevent full meltdown, and so having water as a coolant isn't even necessary. In fact, in a PBR it takes water to get the reaction going... not too cool it down. Without getting too technical, the water acts as a moderator, slowing down neutrons which in turn causes the reaction. Most pressurized water reactors work this way, but they also need the water to cool down the reactor. PBR's don't have to have water... they will cool down on their own WITHOUT water as the reaction SLOWS with no water present.

Nuclear power can be safe...even if most on this site don't agree. It takes lots of money though. Look at the U.S. Navy as an example. They have reactors, hundreds, on sea-going vessels and their safety record is impeccable. With an unlimited budget like they have at our wonderful Pentagon, nuclear power is safe.

One of these days, as the oil runs out, nuclear power will be our savior. (Unless a better alternative comes along. Right now there is no better alternative.)

I ran nuclear reactors in the Navy about 20 years ago, btw.

Thanks wpsmithjr.....

I agree with what you say and most are 30 to 40 years old but some newer ones out there. How many, I don't know.....

I know in the automotive industry all cars in the U.S. were mandated to utilize CDI's in the early 70's and nearly all other gas powered machines had to be converted by 78. So basically it's been 33 years on the low end of things....

Because of this and knowing that other countries have been still building them and have probably converted to newer electronics, I still got that gut wrenching feeling.....

I like what you got to say about PBR's. You ever hear if we will ever convert over? I kind of doubt it. Seems like the only thing we got money for is war.....?


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