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Contact Morning Joe requesting they admit the campaign fundraising #s mistake

I should have done this on Saturday as it is close to their taping but I sent this out requesting they admit their mistake on air.


I would like to revisit the July 6th episode where Morning Joe left off Ron Paul on your list of projected Q2 Republican 2012 campaign contributions. On your July 7th episode, you showed Ron Paul with $4.5M, which had previously been reported on Politico and was already well known. However, your show did not acknowledge your initial mistake that occurred on July 6.

I was disappointed by this and remembering how FOX News also made some audio/video mistakes in the past and that they actually came out and admitted that a mistake was made. I believe that in order for your show to maintain integrity, it is necessary to admit your mistake when you publish the actual #s on 7/18/11, from the FEC. I hope you consider and follow through on my kind, journalist suggestion. Thank you.

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Did anyone else contact Morning Joe?


Re: anyone else

I just did.

I don't think it helps things to mention that their arch-enemy, Fox, has done what you are encouraging MSNBC to do. MSNBC does not aspire to emulate Fox.