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Another Rockefeller racket

I'd like to add, I figured out another one of their scams. Nothing against parents being accountable for their children, or concept of womens liberation for that matter, but, from what I understand:

1.) they funded womens liberation.

2.) Then in 1975 Gerald Ford (Vice President NELSON ROCKEFELLER) signs Title IV D of the Social Security act into law. This gives state and local governments massive Federal money for every child support case they enforce. So it's like getting commission, like a salesperson. Like Dr. Paul often reminds us, "When you subsidize something, you get more of it." Divorce rates skyrocketed.

3.) Chase Bank (was run by DAVID ROCKEFELLER at that time) manages the child support and alimony for 15 states. Chase has often been called the "Rockefeller Bank." Senator Jay Rockefeller, in his financial disclosure, owns "more than $50 million" of it. I belive if it's over $50 million they don't have to disclose beyond that, but correct me if I'm wrong.

4.) in 2005, the Bush administration cut 34% of the federal subsidies for child support enforcement. The one who always sponsors the bill, every new session, to get it back to 100% is... big shocker... JAY ROCKEFELLER. http://www.opencongress.org/bill/112-s195/show

Pumping Child Support, Alimony, and Food Stamp money into JP Morgan Chase in this regard falls under AUM (Assets under management) and raises their capital significantly.

No wonder I pay 1/3 of my net income to a non-working ex wife who was allowed to move our 2 daughters 700 miles away without my consent, even though I broke no laws. Family courts want to make sure they get that money and keep it that way! In fact, the first 2 years they ordered me to pay full child support when I was watching then 8 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The ex also collects food stamps (Chase bank card), which is managed by JP Morgan Chase in all the US.

Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this, because I plan to send the info to Judge Napolitano and John Stoessel to see what more their investigative reporters can come up with and maybe they can run a story on it. I learn a lot on this site, and have no doubt I can rely on your collective knowledge.

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1. Yes, women's liberation was funded and planned. Feminist Gloria Steinem was on the payroll of the CIA to do that. The great patriot Aaron Russo was also told by an insider that feminism was done so that there would be 2 incomes per family to tax, so that the children would have to go to the government indoctrination schools, etc.

2. In addition to what you listed, in the mid 80's, the Republicans wanted to make all those black dudes fathering children that ended up on welfare, to have to pay for those children. The Democrats were happy to let the legislation get passed and for the Republicans to think it would only apply to the blacks. Then when it passed, the Dems said "Not so fast" we have the equal protection clause which means that it applies to EVERYBODY. And so now it does.

You're right, it's a racket. But just as with most legislation, it has a life of its own and is as hard as kudzu (or insert your pet peeve parasite here) to remove.
It's unjust and one of the worst things is that most anyone that you complain to about it comes back with some version
of: "but it's for the children" to justify it and to disenfranchise you.

Been there, done that.