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Silver Survival Strategy

First, accumulate a six-month supply of food.

Then, maintain a three-way parity between Federal Reserve Notes, silver and gold. Save enough FRNs to cover living expenses for six months. Then begin buying silver – start with $100 face value in 90% (pre-1965) coins - to the same total value. Then begin buying gold to the same total value.

Some of your FRNs should be converted into nickel and copper coins. Buy $100 bags of nickels and save pre-1983 pennies.

Continue to buy either silver or gold to maintain parity. Keep your money safely buried and out of the banks and paper “assets”.

When the price rises, barter silver at spot for tangible goods (especially food production equipment) when possible. Buy locally on Craigslist and at farmers markets. Start or support a local currency network for your neighborhood.

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