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Pentagon is Considering a Draft to Offset Cuts; Daniel Webster Replies

Seems the Pentagon has put the draft into consideration to offset budget cuts. The Empire must continue, apparently! Daniel Webster, while in the House, gave the most splendid and eloquent speech against a draft in 1814.

[The House had under consideration a bill proposing to draft men for service in the War of 1812.]

MR. Webster. Mr. Chairman: After the best reflection which I have been able to bestow on the subject of the bill before you, I am of the opinion that its principles are not warranted by any provision of the constitution. It appears to me to partake of the nature of those other propositions for military measures, which this session, so fertile in invention, has produced. It is of the same class with the plan of the Secretary of War; with the bill reported to this House by its own committee, for filling the ranks of the Regular Army by classifying the male population of the United States; with the resolution recently introduced by an honorable gentleman from Pennsylvania, Mr. Ingersoll, and which now lies on your table, carrying the principle of compulsory service in the Regular Army to its utmost extent.

This bill, indeed, is less undisguised in its object, and less direct in its means, than some of the measures proposed. It is an attempt to exercise the power of forcing the free men of this country into the ranks of the Army, for the general purposes of the war, under color of a military service. To this end it commences with a classification, which is no way connected with the general organization of the Militia, nor, to my apprehension, included within any of the powers which Congress possesses over them. All the authority which this government has over the Militia, until actually called into the service, is to enact laws for their organization and discipline. This power it has exercised. It now possesses the further power of calling into its service any portion of the Militia of the States, in the particular exigencies for which the constitution provides, and of governing them during the continuance of such service. Here its authority ceases. The classification of the whole body of the Militia, according to the provisions of this bill, is not a measure which respects either their general organization or their discipline. It is a distinct system introduced for new purposes, and not connected with any power which the Constitution has conferred on Congress.


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what other threats can they think of? It is interesting that all of the threats are targeted at the middles class, those of us paying taxes. How about cutting the 39% increase in food stamps since 2008 and all of the other welfare-related waste?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


The General is basically saying that if the defense budget is lowered below a certain point then one of two things would have to happen:

1: Reduce pay and benefits to the troops, which in the long run makes it more difficult to recruit and maintain strength. When you can't recruit enough, you conscript.

2: Reduce the size of the Active/Active Reserve military, and begn conscripting as soon as we enter a conflict.

The General is talking from the perspective of the status quo. You can't cut the defense budget and expect the military to do all it's doing, without eventually relying the draft.

This is also why it important to talk about cuts to the defense budget in the same conversation as reductions in what's being asked of the military, just as Ron Paul does. Bring them home, save the money.


Great speach and all...but to the core question...What is your source that the Pentagon is considering a draft?

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is linked via the word 'Pentagon' in the above article:


He's the man.

Here, Capt.

If you click on the word in red in the original post - "Pentagon" - it takes you to his source:


A Draft Will Never Happen

They may be able to pull off a lot of things, but a draft will never happen. If it did, Ron Paul would be elected with a super majority. Heck, if the neo-cons thought their kids and grand kids were going to the middle east they would vote for Ron Paul.

I concur.

It seems NOT having the draft in place is what has enabled them to get away with endless war, as they have. But, as they say, I would "never say never".

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Never say never indeed

It happened (at least) once in this country, therefore it can (and probably will) happen again. What is different? What has changed?

When I tuned 18 during the Reagan administration, I was forced to register for the 'draft' - though they called it 'Selective Service.'

Hmmmm...what does it mean, this 'selective service?' As I interpret it, it means They can 'select' who 'serves' under their control.

Heck, if the neo-cons thought their kids and grand kids were going to the middle east they would vote for Ron Paul.

Exactly. Which is why they will certainly NOT be drafted! There will be the usual outs & exceptions for the politically well connected, as always. Shrub didn't serve - think his kids are going to?

No way. They'll probably start drafting poor, disenfranchised brown people with little to no political voice. Heck, they already imprison them disproportionately, and no one says boo about that.

In fact, here's an idea: Why not take the 2% of the American population that is in jail or on parole and offer them a "Path to Freedom." Cue the video with bad patriotic music, an eagle and an American flag fluttering behind it, and give the caged men this pitch: Get out of jail and go fight for Freedom in foreign lands, and (if) when you return you get all the rights back that you lost -- when you were declared a 'felon.' You'll be a full citizen again!

Who would complain about that? I can already see someone like Newt or Michele selling this on the Sunday Morning talk shows (can't you?): "This is a win-win situation. The Path to Freedom is as American as Mom and Apple Pie. We're giving these prisoners an opportunity to redeem themselves by fighting for Freedom!

"Nobody's (good) kids (who matter) will ever have to get drafted. The Pentagon gets their meat -- at a deep discount/free. (After all prisoners don't get paid - why should these draftees?). The caged-men get freed from their cage (and placed in a roomier one). States can empty their prisons (and make room for more!). It is a win-win-win. There are so many wins in their I've lost count," (said the Neocon, as the reporters all laughed. And now, a word from our sponsor. "Is your hair dry? Do you have a flaky scalp?..")

Clearly, it is an all-around win. Who's going to complain any of that? Probably only a nut like Ron Paul. (And his supporters.)

He's the man.

Let Me Re-Phrase That

I hope a draft never happens.

I guess I have to start researching how to dodge the draft

as hell will freeze over before I let my children be seized as murderers for Corporate profit. My family will move and renounce our citizenship if we have to.

Draft most likely doesn't and can't apply to you of your family

hopefully you will not have to defend yourself or loved ones from the wicked claws of the war pigs, but here is some information to aid you should the time come.