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Ron Paul Slams Debt Ceiling in ‘Conviction’ Ad that Airs in Nevada Today

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, released his campaign’s first TV ad of the 2012 presidential race last Friday. Today, Paul’s “Conviction” TV ad will air in the State of Nevada.

Nevada is a key state for the Paul campaign, because Nevada will be the second state in the nation to hold a presidential caucus. Jesse Benton, Paul’s campaign manager, said that “Nevada is a key constituency with important and growing influence on the National political environment, and Dr. Paul plans to win the state in 2012.”

The TV ad, which was shown in New Hampshire and Iowa last week, pushes Paul as the leader of those who are opposed to the debt ceiling increase.

According to Benton, the “Conviction” TV ad demonstrates that the Texas Congressman “is the only national leader with the experience, record and credibility to stand up to the debt limit scheme, cut the spending now and save our dollar.”

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