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Shame on the Ron Paul Campaign!

Paul & the R3VOLution is being out spent by Pawlenty & Romney on TV advertising ?!

That BEGS the question..... WHY?

Time is now.... Earth to CAMPAIGN. 3%, 4%, 5% Poll numbers are NOT CUTTIN IT. Not Good, its a failing grade.

You've got the money, we've given you a GREAT START, so SPEND IT ALREADY.


Just One TV Ad made? Really just ONE? Really, just $170,000 spent?

SPEND ALL THAT MONEY!!!! Show me your account down to 100k and then we'll money bomb you. But to learn that AT THIS STAGE IN THE CAMPAIGN YOU HAVE $2.2 million on HAND... that is a crime!

I WANT TV ADVERTISING. Lots of it. And even some Negative ads pointing out the flaws in Romney and Pawlenty and Bachman and of OBAMA.

SPEND and don't worry, you come in 1st in Iowa and/or New Hampshire, the MONEY BOMBS will pour in.

SO GET ON TV ADVERTISING NOW ... OUT Spend Pawlenty who is now spending over $400,000 according to the WSJ.

More to the point, call a Spade a Spade. In your TV advertising point out:

1. Mitt is a Flip Flopper on Abortion and did MittCare
2. Pawlenty is a liar, did not solve any budget problems as governor.
3. Bachman is a former IRS Attorney and worked for the Clinton campaign once upon a time.
4. Obama's spending is OUT OF CONTROL.

Going Negative on TV advertising is the ONLY Way TO go.

Going Negative works. And the best thing is you need not lie about it, its all true.

IT WILL raise your poll numbers. and our money bombs will poor into your bank account.

BUT SPEND NOW RON PAUL. No time to Be Conservative, its time to SPEND those TV advertising dollars. Do not expect Money bombs to continue AFTER South Carolina with you at 3 or 4th.

The time is now. SPEND ALL YOU HAVE NOW on TV Advertising.

For the Rank n File Republican, seeing RON PAUL on TV tells them Ron Paul is NOT A WASTED VOTE, that you are legit, that you have credibility and strength to mix it up. Best of all for the rank n file republican, that means they do not need to listen to our little videos and posters and road signs and emails and tell their friends, yea that young ron pauler convinced me. That is not how it works. What these pathetic middle of the road republicans want --the voter marketplace-- is TV Advertising. Give it to them, give them the product they ask for ...if you truly do want their vote.

So SPEND already! Get YOUR message(s) On the Air. Not 1 TV ad, 5!!!!! And Don't ask us for money when you have 2.2 in the bank and all that we get is one TV ad.....


PS... Don't want to go negative on your opponent? Then here are 2 commercials that the RP Campaign (or us in the R3VOLution) can fund get on TV RIGHT NOW!!!!.

"Spread the Message" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H0OI-wUcSU

Who did this cartoon for Ron Paul? "A movement of Epic Proportions" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMxca8hhGhs&feature=related

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I'm sick of seeing post headlines like this..

It bums me out. Shame on you.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

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...looks like a more level headed poster could have framed this thread differently and still have the same message

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Agreed--We Need More TV Ads

I commented on the new TV ad and said so lets get it on TV. I wish I had $40k to hand over to the campaign, but my donations every few weeks are in the double digits!

We need to find people with spending power. Where are the Ron Paul fundraisers?! Lets find some anti war person, a wealthy disenfranchised GOP'er, a wealthy Libertarian...

Remember, the Revolution is about spreading a message!


Perhaps Pawlenty is spending

Perhaps Pawlenty is spending all his money because he has no support. Maybe Ron Paul is saving his money because internal polling has him on top. People don't like negative ads. Ron Paul is not one to attack people. He is an idea man. He will battle ideas not men(or women). Not everyone watches TV and there are ways to gain support without a television.

I am not involved with the campaign but I can tell you that they are not just sitting on their money. I am sure they have a plan and many things in the works.

DONATE!!! Flood for Senate(Iowa) www.rally.org/floodforsenate/donate


If you want

to see RP's expenses, then let's see yours?

What have you donated?
How much did you get friends and family to donate?
How much have you donated to the DP?
How much travel time do you have toward going to support him at straw polls/rallies, etc.?
Hotel expenses?
Food expenses?
Gas expenses?
Lost wages?
(I'm hearing crickets)

OK, how about this?

How many websites have you promoted Ron Paul on?
How many news articles have you commented on?
How many radio stations have you called to promote moneybombs, or Ron Paul?
What kind of letters have you written to influential members of the GOP in Iowa?
How many youtubes have you posted comments in?
Did you donate to the "grassroots press", to get 100,000 newspapers promoting RP in the hands of registered voters in Iowa and NH?
Involved with local meetup?

OK, how about this?
Have you even signed up with the official campaign to volunteer?

So, let me get this straight. You've basically done nothing, except maybe throw a few bucks at the campaign, and you dare to use the word "shame" on Ron Paul?
A man who I personally witnessed work himself to the point of LIMPING in New Orleans, and you dare to cast "shame" on him?
No one is immune from scrutiny, including me and you. I have my own questions and concerns about how things are going with HQ, but I certainly wouldn't have used the poor word choice you did in your title. It makes me think you don't have the slightest clue of how to market anything. Yeah, you "got my attention", but you also did it in a way that was insulting to RP.
I cringe at the thought of him coming here and reading that title, after the long hours of travel, and ass busting he's personally done.
The difference between me and you, is that I can answer yes to 99% of the questions I posed above. Can you? Can anyone? I'd go over my own checklist, before I went casting "shame" on RP. I'd imagine your level of actual participation, has been pretty shameful itself.
The other difference, is that I have direct contact with the top two campaign managers, as well as to RP, and his wife. I worked hard to establish that, with little luck and help from friends. (thanks Nui)
I'd be more than happy to contact JB and his deputy, and rip on them if I felt like the grassroots was more involved and pulling their weight, but they're not.

I've pleaded with RP to "take off the gloves" before. It's simply not his nature. Can we get Rand, or someone else to? I don't know. I agree that he has to separate himself from these "Copycat Constitutionalists", and take some credit for his record of fidelity, and integrity.
He's received a 10 page letter of suggestions from many of us here. He has already used some of them in his interviews, and advertising. Too bad you weren't around when I was collecting suggestions, you might have played a role.
Have some decency, and change the tone of your title. Then we might begin working on some solutions to pass along to HQ. Until then, ask yourself if YOU are doing YOUR part, before you go and criticize RP.

"I've pleaded with RP to "take off the gloves" before."

"It's simply not his nature."

And THAT is the problem. Ron is a good and wise "Pastor" attempting to preach in the midst of a drunken brawl. It's (past) time that he pulled out his pistol and "made a hole in the ceiling".

The campaign has to RECOGNIZE the level of evil we're up against and fight accordingly. WE DON'T HAVE four more years for educational speeches. All will be lost by then.

BTW: I've done all of the things on your "checklist" except youtube and phonebank. Shame on me- I'm 54, send me a bill. I hope I can still measure-up in your eyes as a supporter.


When you can't attack the message, attack the messenger?

Gee, how neoconservative of you.... "Jefferson"???

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

This is just funny

So who is attacking which messenger? I know Ron Paul is spreading a HUGE message currently and hope you can join us POSITIVELY in this fight.

Do you really think open bashing of Rons campaign is beneficial in the least? Email or call the campaign or go GET ACTIVE and do something.

See a need fill a need right?

You think he needs ads, put a money bomb together and make it happen.

Anyone can sit around all day complaining about THIS or THAT but hell what does that solved?

Thats like those who complained nonstop about the ronpaul2012.com website and how THEY could do it better and yet NO ONE proved that they were doing one.

I just start to notice those who are simply half glass empties on here and it is really easy based on all their "he should be doing this" "why isn't he doing that" b.s. whining.

Ron Paul or Bust

http://shelfsufficient.com - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way.

http://growing-elite-marijuana.com - My site on growing marijuana

I hope the Revolution PAC takes to the TV airwaves and does

what I ask.

Knocking on 20 doors a night, dealing with republican doodle-heads who just listen to the

TV Intro of Ron Paul, the TV framing of the questions put to Ron Paul, and TV Summarizing -- effectively branding & framing the discussion for Ron Paul, must stop.

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

You openly and directly attack

RP and his campaign with your headline, and now lecture me about attacking you?
It was more of a "if the shoe fits wear it" type statement.

I'm not expecting anyone to live up to "my standards" or do exactly what I've done, or have been lucky to experience. There are people working a hell of a lot harder than I am. I wasn't trying to make myself out to be the Celene Dion of the RP campaign. My statement was meant to say, check your own contributions before you go attacking the man directly.

I'm just saying if your going to openly "shame" Dr. Paul which is an attack, and demand to see "his books", then it ought to work both ways. Right?

I'm in agreement that the campaign should be more aggressive in certain areas, but your headline sucks, and is insulting to the work RP is putting in. Is his work perfect, no. I cuts both ways. What kind of work are YOU putting in? Your argument might have a little more merit if you could have said, I signed up for, and have done X,Y, and Z, and I don't feel like the campaign is _____. Instead it's, "I threw some cash at it, and they're not following my script"..

You could have achieved the same goal with a different headline. The conversation may have been more productive, with more people willing to bump it and get involved. When you choose to be that insulting, just because you admittedly want attention for your thread, it's warranted IMO that you be challenged on it. It warranted when anyone makes that flagrant of a headline be challenged.

I understand the sense of urgency, and I feel the same stress, believe me. I want some things to be different too. I don't think shaming them into anything is going to work. I think it is a horrible idea, and extremely insulting to RP and family, personally.
I tried to subtly give you the hint that he checks in here. So does his family, and who knows who else?

I'm trying to ask you to change your title, to something like "Campaign needs to get more aggressive in Iowa" (or whatever)and we can have an adult discussion with some possible solutions. I'm thinking that if you truly WANT some solutions, then you might think of a more diplomatic title. Otherwise it looks like you are just starting ____.
I agree with some of what you are saying, your headline and approach just sucks IMO. I'm not one to look at RP with rose colored glasses either. In fact that will be the death of this campaign. (that and apathy)
Take it however you want. We'll see where your true interests are, if you leave that title.

Jefferson..... see my reply to reporandy down below...

it applies to you as well. See the one "Its on and its over, thanks to you"

I've got to go knock on more registered voter doors tonight,

(that is, talk to more faux-news-watchin cheese-eating doodle-head republicans)

Take care.

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

I don't agree entirely

Dr. Paul is banking a lot on the Iowa Straw Poll, and if he can pull that off it will mean millions of dollars in free publicity. Even though the MSM will certainly downplay it, at least it will get his name out and intelligent people will start tuning in and thinking, "why is Fox devoting all their coverage to the person who came in 2nd or 3rd, who is this Ron Paul guy that won it and why are they ignoring him?"

Many other candidates are struggling to raise money and if they don't come up big soon, they're finished. Others are flashes in the pan, jumping up and then disappearing like Cain and now Bachmann. The real race will heat up in the fall - Pawlenty, Cain, and Bachmann will be essentially finished; Palin and Perry will try to jump in; and people will start looking for the stop-Romney candidate. By hanging back now, winning Ames on the cheap, Paul will keep his powder dry in order to give them both barrels in the coming months.

I hope I'm right and you're wrong. But the campaign did do some unwise things with its resources last time around, so we'll see.

Absulutely in agreement.

Why waste our money slamming all of these Posers who are going to disappear under their own ineptitude?

There is no gravitas to ANY of them!

Is the campaign perfect? Of course not, but in my opinion, all things considered they are not making HUGE mistakes, and are moving the ball effectively down the field.

With experience comes wisdom, Our leader is wise, we must trust him and those he trusts, or what choice do we have if we don't?

Negative ads

ALWAYS make me think negatively toward the campaign responsible for it. ALWAYS!

I couldn't agree more

Playing dirty, sinking to their level. This is one of the reasons so many people hate political ads. They are sickening to watch.

Pointing out Truth

Pointing out Truth is NOT 'negative'. It will only be considered so by the PC police (who will whine, cry and complain in order to deflect attention from the globalists). I don't give a crap about them, as they are partially responsible for the morass we find ourselves in.

Mamby-Pamby-ness costs the campaign votes.

IF WHAT RP SAYS IS TRUE, he needs to fight with all he has. Pointing out the weakness of the enemy opens eyes and turns folks to RP... AND ALL OF RP's OPPONENTS ('cept GJ) are the enemy.

On other websites I post about the reality of the situation.
This field is ripe for the pickin'... I have never seen a weaker set of primary opponents.
People look long and hard at who they have previously considered voting for - once they see who they really are.

Ron Who?

I am in the business of serving Coast to Coast traffic on a major interstate.Folks from every state in the nation and every walk of life.I always take the time to discuss Ron Paul to everyone of my customers.I am finding that 99% of the folks I talk to have absolute no idea who Ron Paul even is.Never even heard of him!

This is a very serious time to spend what ever it takes to buy a nation wide introductory advertisment.If this is not done very soon this campaign may be over already.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I could be wrong

But I don't think your ever going to see or get Ron to put out negative mud slinging adds. It's just not his style. You might see him get a little more fired up about his philosophy and why he thinks it's a better way to go then that of another runner. In some ways I agree with Treg that this campaign needs to at the least try keeping its supporters in the know of what is being planned for all the money that is raised. Some might say that this is politics and you can't show your hand but I say maybe this needs to change. Transparency or Secrecy? If supporters knew ahead of time what brilliant ideas were on the docket they might even donate more. Right now we are playing the same old game of giving money to a political campaign in blind faith it pays off in the end. Fact is Ron Paul supporters are passionate and don't do well sitting around biting there finger nails in the dark waiting and hoping that this money is spent wisely.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

jkinabru.... no one is calling for mudslinging

You wrote: "Transparency or Secrecy? If supporters knew ahead of time what brilliant ideas were on the docket they might even donate more."

Two big thumbs-up for understanding how openness works.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

Post Title

I think a reason why some RP supporters are the way they are is because Dr. Paul won't attack others...even when it's merited. So, we have to (at least, feel we have to) do it for him. The reality however is that many of us (including myself) sometimes take it too far, and it ultimately damages Dr. Paul's credibility. Perhaps he sees the same thing happening if he ever got started with the negativity. After all, where would the line be drawn?

I would also like to see where more of the money is going. I've heard more than a few people say that it's just a way to rip people off (part of that whole "RP is controlled opposition" theory). I'd like to think that isn't true, but I stopped trusting politicians and media personalities long ago. As much as I respect people like Dr. Paul and Alex Jones, I refuse to drink their kool-aid.

A signature used to be here!


Ron Paul's campaign team needs to put out there hard hitting TV ads...
but he will probably not do it against his friend Bachmann:

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


I too am ready for Dr.Paul to walk down the middle of the street. Like Matt Dillion and put the bad guys outta their misery or run them outta town.
Its Time.


You have proved my point again.

You start your post saying you agree. then you advocate a completely diffent strategy, IN THE SAME BREATH!

You either agree with Treg, or you think we need to put out hard hitting ads, THOSE ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS.

I absolutely agree with your statement that we need to start putting out hard hitting ads(I am also sure the campaign is doing a good job of that), but I absolutely disagree with all of Tregs statements, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

I agree with many Treg's points

for example:
Bachman is a former IRS Attorney and worked for the Clinton campaign once upon a time.
Why not point this out in a TV ad?
Why would you disagree with this?

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Not to dismiss what you've said, but consider this also

I agree the Campaign bears a huge responsibility for advertising Grandfather Paul, but the grassroots can be wearing t-shirts & providing advertising the Campaign can't. The Campaign can't be wearing t-shirts at the gas station, grocery store, mall like the volunteers can be. They can't be taping slim-jims in the bathroom stalls like the volunteers can, etc., etc., etc.. The grassroots is not helpless when it comes to advertising, but collectively, the Campaign has the big bucks to spend on big bucks stuff. Each 1 of us can give a max. of hmmm 2400 to the Camp. & then we can give to volunteer causes, such as airing ads, billboards, whatever we decide to do. Commercials are impt., but it is not unnoticed or insignificant when you see everyday Joe in a t-shirt that bears the name RP in the places where the Campaign hasn't set foot in & those that see RP 2012 know that he is a candidate whereas they may not have known before. The grassroots has the ability to do clever creative things that the Camp. wouldn't, for a variety of reasons.

For some reason, we're expected to know every law that exists in America & in our state so we don't break it. We're supposed to know this when we're 18. There's no litmus test for them, as in the 10 commandments or rhyme or reason. C.U.R.E.

Hi Mell_o_Drama

You are right on Mell_o_Drama and I agree with you about wearing tee shirts (including Daily Paul tee shirts), but when I read in your post, "taping slim jims in bathroom stalls". I have to stop. That is not cool advice because it can backfire. I would like to suggest YOU ASK PERMISSION TO POST if you are going to use tape or staples, pins.. unless it's a public kiosk. I won't put them in people's mail boxes. I do put them on the wind shields cars that have McCain stickers.

I think they work great putting them in the news paper piles at coffee shops and diners. I leave them with my tip.

A healthy, informed, grassroots is the best campaign any candidate can ever hope for.

Shame on all of you who voted

Shame on all of you who voted Treg down. "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." -Voltaire

Treg is old school and has supported Ron for a long time. He just wants the people...US...to win and Ron to win...you may disagree with what he proposes, but do not vote him down without deep thought. There are many ways to achieve our goals and Treg may be right, partially right, or wrong. However, he is trying to put out his view and have a discussion. Engage in discussion and logic.

Who is John Galt? Vote ███ ███ 2012!

Quit with all of this PC shame on you crap

You sound like a demonstrator at a PETA event.

I'm old school too and I have supported Ron Paul even longer than a long time, fa eva...

I'm not saying Treg doesn't have a right to say dumb stuff, and I don't need to be lectured by anyone on how to think, and I damn sure don't need to waste deep thought on this ridiculous nonsense, I mean a guy could get a mental charlie horse trying to squeeze a drop of logic out of that convoluted gibberish.

1. He wants to blow ALL of the campaign cash on hand now on personally negative TV ads and then EVERYONE will see that only Ron Paul is good enough and all of the loot that has been sitting on the side-lines will come rushing into the campaign...wrong!

We will be broke, and at the mercy of an onslought of even MORE NEGATIVE attack ads from the neocons and their unlimited resources.

That is his plan, Tregs.

five or six different ads all bombarding the senses of the good folks of Iowa til we go broke is just not a serious proposition at this time. The enemy will have a field day with this info, RON PAUL CAMPAIGN BROKE, with NO MENTION of any bump we get in the polls.

People like me, people who make up 90% of the Ron Paul donor lists, will NOT respond favorably to THE CREATOR OF THE ATTACK ADS, they may have the desired effect on the focus of the attack ads, but they will also DESTROY whoever deploys them.

Anyone who thinks the gentle Christian people of Iowa and New Hampshire will respond favorably to attack ads on their home girl Bachmann, or on any other Christian candidates for that matter, just doesn't understand.

Like most of the rest of the posters opposed to Tregs 'plan', I advocate doing EXACTLY like the campaign is doing, using the resources entrusted to them to reach the hearts and minds of those who have not joined yet the revolution, with the true message that Ron has been spreading.

We are all Ron Paul's here, I am Ron Paul, and you are Ron Paul, and none of us were attracted to Ron Paul thru tactics like Tregs, we just have to reflect Ron Paul to others, and as people discover Ron Paul without the negative and phony image that has been projected on him by the opposition, that is how we have ALWAYS won converts, and why our converts stay converted.

"Now is not the time to go all wobbly" Margie Thatcher

shame on you!!

The same right that Treg has to say what he wants applies to the people that voted him down, who are you to not defend the people that want to vote him down, nothing but a hypocrite IMO.


Say what you will about Treg, he's an extremely loyal supporter and deserves to be heard.