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Next Ron Paul Debate - Are The Troops Wrong?

In Ron Pauls' next debate and the question of war comes up ESPECIALLY if 9-11 comes up ron paul should do the following.

I would love to hear Ron ask either another candidate OR the moderator to state that the troops are wrong for supporting ron paul and to give a reason as to why.

How would mitt answer that, hell how would mccain have been able to answer that IF ron paul would have come back with that.

Well john if all the troops want to WIN then why do they overwhelmingly support MY CAMPAIGN and not yours?

I would do that with mitt, obama, bachman, lenty and the rest of those fakes.

I would also love him to do that to hannity OR one of those other pricks. I would love to see a rehash of the "electability" question asked of him before and love for him to speak about his CURRENT electability.

I runon sentences so fast it feels like I am walking.

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