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Ron Paul == Real Change

Check it out: RonPaulRealChange.com

Here it goes.

I've been looking around trying to figure out how to help. The meetups are short on people, and the grassroots doesn't seem to be assembled yet. I don't see anyone else taking charge so I've taken it upon myself to do something.

I'm building a website to promote Ron Paul using real change. You know, the stuff in your pocket. As crazy as that sounds it's not a bad idea. It's an excellent tool for the ground troops. The website is still in it's infancy, I haven't even applied SEO to any of the stuff. I hope everyone likes it. I need some feedback...

again I badly need feedback.

I Promise
1.) a good video before the aimes
2.) a great iconic image (also before aimes)
3.) more in the works

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Real Change Bomb - Event

I created something like this a few weeks ago: