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Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal (Forbes.com)

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Why are we banning plants anyways?

I can't believe that we are actually banning plants. What's next?

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Please, don't ever - EVER - ask questions like that. It's kind of like Bloody Mary, and you're almost guaranteed to get an answer.

And for some reason, they are almost always answers we NEVER like. They've already said breathing hurts the environment, plants are bad, babies and pets are carbon monsters...do you REALLY want to see where they'll go next? Pretty soon, everyone who's not a neocon or neoliberal...or whatever the worst breeds are...will probably be up for forced sterilization and lobotomies after they've already dealt with all the flowers we used to enjoy and removed all the padding for walls and floors.

David Mamet agrees, Liberalism is a type of disease....


If he can wake up to neo-liberalism, then there's hope yet!!

Populous liberal ideology is dead, since its actually the same as conservatism.

It was always for limited government, not out of control inflated government.