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Just read the worst Time Magazine article ever (in my opinion)

I just finished reading the worst Time Magazine article I have ever seen. The article outlines the odds of each candidate winning the republican nomination. Guess who had the best odds according to Time? Yup, Mitt Romney. They say Romney has a 50% chance of being the nominee. What is even more frightening is that they say Jon Huntsman has the next best odds of becoming the nominee. Really, the former Obama administration ambassador who had a liberal record as governor, who no one has ever heard of, and who can barley hang on to 1% in the polls, somehow has the second best chance of becoming the nominee? They claim that his odds are 22%. The list goes on from best odds to worst, in this order: Romney, Huntsman, Pawlenty, "Mystery Candidate", Gingrich, Palin, Santorum, Bachmann, and lastly, Paul. Not a big surprise to see one of the most inaccurate magazines putting Paul at the bottom of the list. They inaccurately say his odds are .05%. Really, Time magazine is saying that the only candidate with any type of record and the most principles out of any candidate has the worst odds of being the nominee. Time claims that he is a "fringe candidate", but he is the only one that speaks the truth. Paul even destroyed the so-called frontrunner Romney in Time's own poll!! This article just proves how Time distorts the facts and has no credibility as a news magazine. If anything, Paul has one of the best chances to become the nominee and win the presidency.
Ron Paul 2012

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Time Magazine is a horrible

Time Magazine is a horrible magazine. The fact that their media is going out of style means they have to kiss up to big powers even more to get good stories.

What they say should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, I would say that as it is, Romney is the clear statistical frontrunner at this point. Palin and Bachmann have very low unfavorability ratings. Paul is definitely ahead of a lot of other guys, but he has ground to make up. Maybe if RP spent some of the money that has been sent to him.

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Good, we've shown we can get under their skin!

Due to the poll they put out bringing about results they didn't expect.

Odds of

Odds of me buying a Time Magazine? 0.00%


stop reading it and do what i do, i went to my local vons the other day and put all of the time magazine issues in the back of the rack, ITS TIME TO CENSOR THE CENCORSHIP.

Time Magazine is a Time Warner property

... trace back the majority stockholders of Time Warner and you will most likely find individuals who are very frightened of and threatened by:

- sound money

- true free markets

- Rule of Law

- de-centralization of power, and

- individual liberty

Hence we see deliberate and strong moves to dis-credit the Constitution and Bill of Rights ...

They run sophisticated and pervasive mass media psy-ops campaigns against it all ...

And it looks like they will do anything in their power to blacklist Dr Paul and anyone who supports him.

They are not holding back. The blatant dis-respect of their own poll results for the cover of the magazine, and replacing it with a cover dis-respecting the Constitution?

It doesn't get any more blatant than that.

So there ya go. Be prepared for it.

Keep blanketing the Internet with the truth. Talk to everyone you know. And that you dont know.

They dont own this country.


Whatever happened to that Poll?

We were all voting in an online poll for TIME a few weeks back. There were brackets and stuff. The results were supposed to be in an issue of the magazine or something.... Whatever happened with that? I must have missed it. Can someone fill me in?

Ron Paul won a landslide,

As usual.

Time shot themselves and really buried their credibility, glad most people looked at the issue rather than buying it.
That poll should have been given its dues, without fail.

Ron Paul won...

...and they Buried it!

If Mittens won....his mug would have been plastered on the cover!

June 28th

Check out the June 28th issue.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. -Thomas Jefferson

i wouldn't be surprised if

i wouldn't be surprised if these media organizations purposely WANT to push other garbage candidates just so that they'll lose in the long run. so they'll hype up huntsman or whoever, and if they got nominated it;d be an easy reelection for Soetoro. Remember, every candidate other than Ron Paul will lose to Soetoro in the presidential election. No one is going to vote for this year's face of the old dying-out republican party, Mitt Romney, over Soetoro.

The same Time Magazine that

The same Time Magazine that shreds the constitution and asks if it is important anymore on its July 4th issue? Yea... Id wear this 0.5% chance with pride. Show it to everybody.

Time magazine is neither a

Time magazine is neither a serious nor a reputable publication.

Time is joined at the hip with CFR.

They are down for the struggle -- for One World Government -- and are consummate ballplayers in the effort to make sure the right (most compliant) people win.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

When will people learn?

Learn who owns mainstream media and that it is nothing but propaganda which is exactly what this particular article is all about, namely propaganda to form opinions and ensure the status quo stays in power.

As long as we get pissed off every time the media propaganda does, what a media propaganda is suppose to do and as long as we keep complaining and trying and waiting for it to stop and change, we have 0, yes 0 chance of ever changing anything.

If people learn who owns the media, if they realize it's all just propaganda and is doing what it's suppose to do and will never change and that it is extremely powerful and effective then I think we, as in the grassroots, will finally wake up and realize that it's fighting the media propaganda, however we can, that should be our nr.1 priority if we ever want to change anything.

As much as it saddens me, it doesn't look like we are there yet.

I can understand putting

I can understand putting Romney as the best odds, but how do you put guys like Huntsman, Gingrich, and Santorum, who barely get any votes in the polls, ahead of Paul? Ron is running a little behind Romney and Bachmann and either ahead or even with Pawlenty and Cain. TIME is a joke.

I believe the reasoning is

I believe the reasoning is that IF Romney don't win, some of those others are more likely to get the votes that obviously did not go to him than Paul is. Not entirely unbelievable, as all the non-Pauls are pretty much one and the same. As is Obama.

For Paul to win, a substantially greater number of Americans than current will have to grow the heck up and look at reality as the world presents it, not as they were "taught" by the tax feeders charged with indoctrinating them into becoming pliable progtrash. In other words, a Paul win will require a serious changing of the outlook on life of vast numbers of Americans, of such a magnitude it probably hasn't happened since at least FDR, and perhaps not since the Founders. Seen in that light, It's hard to fault Time (a bastion of the well indoctrinated progtrashocracy if there ever was one) for not giving this much of a chance.

A good thing for us, is that much of the RP revolution is taking place in communities far, far away from the kinds where Time staffers waste away their petty little lives. Hence, they may seriously underestimate the extent to which their pathetic ignorant and pathetic ruminations about the world, is no longer being taken as anything but a last ditch effort by the relative beneficiaries of progressive oppression to keep their theft funded wonderland afloat.

I guess to put it succinctly; a world where Ron Paul wins the presidency, is a world where few take such rags as Time seriously anymore.

For Paul to win the landslide, Republicans simply have to find..

...They were all listening to empty liberals.


Most of the smart ones can stay home, the rest come out in droves for Ron Paul the actual Republican!

It's just the last gasp for a bunch of liberal lunatics.

He lays it out here, it's going to be on Freedom Watch, and so many news stations they'll panic.


The bottom line is these morons can't govern worth a dang. They do not even know what a Hayek is so they are very crazy. They are liberals, even Bachmann, pretending to be Ron Paul..

That was their only shot at getting noticed, period.
They want to still do whatever it can to nominate Democrats & keep Republicans out....even DeMint is going to endorse Paul.

They just dug their own

They just dug their own grave....goodbye, oldstream media.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


for asleep people who are too doomed to have retribution!

Time is a magazine for people who can't think...

Life is a magazine for people who cannot read.

As the decline of print media inevitably plays out, Time magazine will reserve it's place in history as an magazine who did its best to mislead the American people and perpetuate the status quo.

The good news is that I think these articles just make the people who know the truth fight harder.

Diggety-dang it, Simple Sam...

...I was just coming in to ask which everyone thinks would last longer, a copy of time magazine, or a double roll of AngelSoft...trying to run a cost/benefit analysis on this because I really might start wiping my arse with issues of time.

What's a subscription cost, or does anyone know where I can pick up used copies? I figure the expenditures involves really have to come out somewhere fairly close...how may pages does each issue usually have?

Anyhow, possible (seriously!) toilet antics aside, what a load of tripe, and if people are somehow still...oh god, please don't let them be...stupid enough to buy into it, POOR US, for real. I really kind of like the new article over at Redstate implying that Ron's got a very good chance at, at the least, showing very well at Ames, and the fact that they're all as riled up as they are over the possibility of his poll numbers rising on their precious "conservative" standing being harmed by him really does make me optimistic that he's winning.

I certainly hope so - I know it goes against the tenets of my faith, but I would be almost willing to take out a loan to be able to afford a dump-truck's worth of crow to watch these knuckleheads start shoveling down come the primaries.

I think he wanted to kill his magazine!

Seems like a calculated shot in the foot, since the readership was already down to the 6%'ers.

God be with you, brother

Our thoughts are with you and Susan.

Glad I never picked up that toilet paper rag again....

Seeing it in the coffee shop without buying it, was good enough to get my question answered.

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Just another reason to double up on your donation tonight

and tomorrow, and be sure to blow this moneybomb out of the water.

Direct your anger in a positive way.

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Ditto! $100.00 for me and

$100.00 for Susan after the procedure tomorrow!

She Makes it through Wednesday then I will give another 200.00.

I love you my friends.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.


Prayers for Susan tonight and tomorrow. My mom also goes in for life or death surgery tomorrow morning....

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

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My best to both of you.

Prayer for her and you. Hope all goes well.