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Pawlenty MIS-Leading on Paul; Iowa Political Blog Sets the Record Straight

Tim Pawlenty the MIS-Leader, continues to be MIS-Leading to the Iowa (and national) voters on who came in second in fundraising.

Iowa Political blog Caffeinated Thoughts has the whole story and breakdown of the numbers to set the record straight in:
Tim Pawlenty the MIS-Leader: Fundraising Edition.


Note, the photo captions are priceless, certainly worth the click!

Check back soon for more "Tim Pawlenty the MIS-Leader" Tax and constitution editions will be posted as time allows.

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Pawlenty's Q1+Q2 < Paul's Q2

A number I didn't find mentioned in that blog is the $138k or so (anyone have a more precise number?) that Tim Pawlenty reported in Q1. But even if his sum of Q1+Q2 is compared with Ron Paul's Q2, it's still less; he still can't claim second in fundraising for YTD.

Just What We Need, Another Fuzzy Math Politician

Like We need another Fuzzy Math Politician in Washington!

RP Campaign should put out a press release about this.

"Pawlenty: Another Fuzzy Math Politician"

wait...isn't that why we are in the mess we're in because of Washington's Fuzzy Math.

Nice job Dustin!!! Keep 'em

Nice job Dustin!!! Keep 'em honest.

Congrats on deciding to become a physician and serving your country!


Thanks for the comment and enjoying the comment. Just want to clarify that I was in Afghanistan with an NGO providing medical care to internal refugees displaced by the war. We were completely unarmed and didn't even have armed security. I have never been in the military. I do consider some of what I do as 'serving my country', but not in the way it is typically used, as in military service. Just don't want to get credit where it is not due.

reedr3v's picture

Your tour in Afghanistan was in true

service, not the destructive charade passed off as "service" by the military.