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New - Ron Paul tip cards on campaign store!! - $4 for 100!!!

One great idea if you plan to donate...

They are now selling Ron Paul 2012 business cards 100 for $4 on the campaign store. If you are purchasing products, throw some of these in, then leave them with tips, leave them in public bathrooms, etc....


If you are buying any other products, just throw some of these in for very little extra!

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What's the text on the other side of these cards?

I'd like to be passing these out but don't want to buy until I know what I'm getting.

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They do have the tip thing on the other side!

not sure

Not sure, I wish they had more info. I bought some because they were only $4 for 100 and I was buying shirts already anyway. I'll let you know once I get them.

Just bought 400!


Just bought 400!



I bought 300 to start. Will be giving 10-20 to everyone in my local meetups that will take them.


Giving out those cards is a great idea, howard. Keep on truckin', man.

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haha, thanks. My name's not Howard by the way. Just my favorite political moment in history!


Just watch it whenever you need a good laugh....