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Blue Republicans on Iowa Radio Podcast here:

For those who missed the show yesterday, here is a podcast of blue republicans and republican4aday.com on a major Iowa radio station.

We even had the original Blue Republican Robin Koerner call in.

Keep in mind, I am a terrible public speaker, but I think it went Ok and the message came through.

Thanks for the support and enjoy.


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"I would like to have all

"I would like to have all republican candidates on this show....maybe you can put in a word to representative Paul... "
Ha Ha Ha ha...this guy really doesn't even know RP's reputation does he?
You made a good point with the Red Sox vs Yankees.

I made my comment above 3/4

I made my comment above 3/4 of the way through the broadcast, it's clear that the radio host really doesn't like RP. He's using this for his ratings. I can smell an Obama lover a mile away!