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The Grassroots Press, Iowa Edition is Now Online

Thanks to everyone who Contributed to make this happen.

Writes the team:

42,000 copies were ordered for Iowa today. We have the funds to print/ship more if those get circulated quickly. We'll follow soon with custom editions for South Carolina and New Hampshire - until the 100,000 circulation in these three early primary states are done. It was important to us to get the Iowa edition out as quickly as possible!

Thanks to everyone here who helped in this success!

See the Iowa Edition PDF HERE

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A really terrific job!

I read the whole thing - I love it! I can't gush enough about it!

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Hmmm, won't load for me.

Here is a bump for your Positive Peaceful Activism.

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Amazing stuff, I love the

Amazing stuff, I love the dailypaul and all that goes into all of this

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How can I order copies?

I live in SoCal and I would love to walk around my neighborhood and put copies with people's newspapers. Can I order copies?


Same question here

I live in NoCal and would like to order some too.

It is great but you would

It is great but you would have done better to not be so hasty and get the proofreading right. I did not have time to read the whole thing but when the soldier is taking about trucks or bottled water, it just made no sense. In spite of that, it looks good and was interesting read, what I had time for.. good work.


I love the newspaper format. It doesn't immediately come across as political advertising so people may actually read a bit and accidentally learn something.

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Yes! It is so well done -- important

issues featured, clear points made briefly, newsy, interesting format, full of great small items to pull in and keep readers, lively personal, homespun, lovable items such as his biggest "vice," etc. Wow, nearly perfect.

Grand job to all involved.

bump for Liberty

uplifting to see.

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Looks great!

Is there a way for those of us in other states to get copies?


Imo, the layout was nice; it covered in full-detail many important current issues (with Ron Paul's solutions). I liked that it included the picture of Ron Paul with his first great grand-child and Carol Paul's Chocolate Chip cookie recipe--showing that Dr. and Mrs. Paul are everyday-type people themselves. They ARE "We the People"!

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That was worth the read:

Even if it was just for RP's favorite cookie recipe.

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