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Ron Paul the Master

Dang, I love this man. I'd surely like to give him a hug.


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This is fantastic. After

This is fantastic. After watching this, the following thought came to my head for the very first time: Ron Paul will go down in history as the greatest American. And we can all say we did our part.

Matt Brakey

My girlfriend harps on the time she hugged Ron Paul

Needless to say, he was quite surprised.

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Great video

I would like to send it around.

Is there any way to have a version without music?

Some of us are old farts and find the music a bit annoying, and I don't want to distract from the excellent message.

Here is a version without the

Here is a version without the music...

who since Jefferson

has his integrity, consistency, insight and a LARGE set of cohones to go along with that.
NO FEAR describes Ron Paul.

Do you realize the rabid, crazy environment he was in when he gave that congressional speech??

Jackson County Georgia

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I posted this on Facebook and one of my friends (who I generally think of as more neoconservative) re-posted it and told me I'm wearing on her and that she just might vote for him in the primary! Yeah! :)

(so much for those assertions

(so much for those assertions that he isn't gaining any supporters:P)

campaign video

I think they should think very seriously about putting together a campaign video like this. There are even more videos out there of his predictions and they are mind numbing. You could make one hell of an impact with something like this.

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I second that motion!

Excellent idea. A strong commercial like this going national would be amazing!


I just watched this once more on FB and posted it - once more - and lo and behold - here it is once more.

It's a beauty. It's a gem!

Dang, I love this man too!

Ron Paul is My President


Can you hear him now?

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

And this folks

Is why I support Dr. Paul. Any other reason shouldn't matter. This only should qualify him as president.

If RP were elected in 1988, what would have become of al Queda?

According to Wikipedia, Bin Laden formed al Queda between Aug 1988 and sometime in 1989. Also in Aug 1988, RP was running as the Libertarian Party candidate for President.

Here is a C-SPAN interview from Aug 1988...


So, would al Queda have attacked Americans if RP had been elected in 1988 and implemented his noninterventionist foreign policies? Would Bin Laden had the American monster he needed to inspire his followers?

I'd say no and how sad it is to come to that realization...

@5:57, the interviewer asks RP, "Are you an isolationist?" Some things never seem to change.

Thanks for finding this video.

Ashamed I didn't fight then. No wonder RP is so proud of you kids.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

If this were 1988

Frank Zappa would also be running for the Libertarian nomination. That is my dream ticket if I ever were to have one.

Paul & Zappa 1988

What a different world that would've made.



Absolutely amazing.

Absolutely amazing. Nostra-Ron-mus

To think that anyone other than Ron Paul is qualified to be

President of the United States is absolutely absurd..

Mitt Romney calls himself an America..His father was born in mexico

Jon Huntsman can't even run his campaign let alone be our ambassador..

Michele Bachmann, an IRS attorney, calling herself a Tea Party person.

Herman Caine, a pizza executive who was Kansas City FED Chairman..

These people are nothing but disfunctional sociopaths in a country run by a dysfuctinal manchurian candidate with a wife who is the enabler (Queen of diamonds)

A country run by dysfuctional and very dangerous incompetent sociopaths..

All you have is one sane iconoclastic genius running for president. He is the only one that understands that running a country means getting out of the way and let the people run their own lives..

and also...

Romney while at Bain & Co advised corporations on how to cut costs... by firing people. Think of the Bobs from Office Space... he's one of the Bobs except now he aspires to become our Lumbergh-in-Chief.


And Romney was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; daddy was CEO of American Motors. He's never actually had to work a day in his life.

And speaking of silver spoons, Huntsman's daddy is a billionaire. Work? Gee, that's what the little people do...

And Bachmann has never apparently held a job other than as a storm trooper for the IRS... which apparently God told her to do.

That would be good info to

That would be good info to have sources for about Romney. Do you know where I can find that?

some links

See wikipedia for his bio about his dad and American Motors.

I read somewhere that he had been involved in downsizing efforts but don't remember now where, however, you can follow up with these links...


When I think evil corporation, he seems like he'd fit right in to me. He comes across as being immensely talented at faking sincerity.

Chills up my Spine

I almost don't even know what to say.

When you pull out the history of what he has said consistently, often completely alone against an entire legislative body and the press ... for almost 30 years ..

It seems almost supernatural.

People need to see more of this kind of thing.

If you have any awareness or brains - and you compare the analysis and predictions he has made to the outcomes - it's almost impossible to not take him seriously for the presidency.

The test for 2012 will be:

- how many people with awareness and brains can we reach by next November


- can we get more of those people voting, then the majority that are still oblivious and dumb.

This kind of direct confirmation of prediction is going to be key to the campaign. It needs to be focused on and used to win people over by the ads and promotions.

...it's almost impossible to

...it's almost impossible to not take him seriously for the presidency.

It's not almost. It is impossible.

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Great vid

The clinton impeachment hearing clip shows the trivial nature of Our political/media system. They are more concerned over a rub and a tug than killing MORE brown people and wasting $B.

Dr. Paul's house floor speech in Apr '02 should be blared, continuously, outside the offices of Rush, Vannity, levin and their ilk.

This is the type of video

This is the type of video that would make a great ad for the campaign.

A modern day prophet....

... an unbelievably clear presentation of what was to come, down the detail... this is a great video to pass on and some of these quotes should be used in ads... what he said back in 1998.

Plano TX

It's like he's reading a blueprint

He just lays it all on out.

I'm really down with the

I'm really down with the audio track. Anyone know a name?

In Ron We Trust!

and its a pretty good campaign slogan too!


I made it to the front page! That's awesome. My first time. :o))