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Ad - Goldwater on Moral Responsibility

Something in this ad seems familiar ...


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Violence in the streets, corruption, etc. ALL RELEVANT TODAY

Violence in the streets, corruption, etc. ALL RELEVANT TODAY

Sound principles

Goldwater endorsed sound principles. Dr Paul endorses many of those same principles. The man is different but the message of less government and more individual responsibility is the same.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Do you ever notice that significant numbers of Ron's supporters can't even recognize the importance of Barry's advertisement? These supporters can't see the same flaws in themselves that they see in their leaders. These supporters justify the actions of liars and other morally questionable behavior among themselves and their peers, but abhor such actions when present in their leaders. If these supporters will compromise on small issues, they'll compromise on larger issues as conviction is absent. It is hypocrisy at it's finest. As a movement, we, the people, must have the same conviction as Ron and accept the responsibility to examine ourselves in the mirror or we will NOT progress significantly in restoring constitutional government. Rather, we'll simply replace one set of rascals with a different set of rascals.

Yes, I've Noticed ... Over and Over Again

Many (but not all) people around here simply support libertarian ideas of making lots of money, keeping all of it, doing as they please, and answering to no one. They can't make the connection, but they now have the government they justly deserve ... a government full of people who grab whatever money they can, however they can, do as they please, and answer to no one. The connection seems like a no brainer to me.

As you realize, many of them (never educated in moral behavior, or having rejected it) are incapable of choosing moral representatives. Were it not for Paul's libertarian side, these dudes would be out of here in a flash. They don't fear God, and they certainly don't want government to enforce true morality -- the 10 Commandments -- which is the only thing that keeps humans from sinking to the level of barbarians, while making true civilization possible.

I would like them to think about this: The 10 Commandments prohibits lewd behavior, stealing, lying, murdering, fornicating, envying what others have, etc. Now I ask: isn't that a fairly perfect description of almost everything that's wrong with our government? Do they really think that a politician who supports murdering babies is going to have any qualms about dipping his bloody hands into their pockets?

But they're not completely to blame. Most of them have been carefully "cultivated" to behave/think as they do through a degenerate government "education." They're damaged goods. Only by taking a long hard look in that mirror of yours and then getting down on their knees can they begin the process of climbing out of the cellar and into the sunshine.

BTW, as a young person, I voted for Goldwater.

no, I have not noticed that at all.

have you been around any? or did you just want to sound snooty?
Mr Perfect.

From your immature comment,

From your immature comment, you're a likely candidate for the mirror. Take a good, hard look. You shouldn't like what you see. ;)

War and violence are morally irresponsible.

War and violence are morally irresponsible. Conservatives are supposed to be morallyl responsible, which is why conservatives should support Ron Paul's anti-war stance. A new talking point Ron should use.


well stated


With freedom comes responsibility.

I often think about the freedom that a Ron Paul victory brings to the warped individuals who will interpret it as license to do bad things.

You're Right

But there are plenty enough laws to punish legitimate crimes against actual victims.

Violence is a direct threat; it's fraud that's tough to combat. Get sharp and stay sharp, don't take any wooden nickels, or other fiat currency for that matter.