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Teenage Girl Arrested For Cursing A 911 Operator Who Kept Hanging Up On Her - Sgt. Robert McFarland

Welcome to the new world order.. where you are a slave, and cops only help you if they feel like it

Charges dismissed against teen in 911 case

LINCOLN PARK - All charges were dismissed yesterday against a teen-ager arrested for making a scene at the Police Department after she said an officer repeatedly hung up on her as she called 911 for an ambulance for her father.

Adrainne Ledesma, 17, smiled in court yesterday as she learned City Prosecutor Norman Kohlstrand had dismissed the case against her that could have sent her to jail for up to 90 days.

"I'm happy," she said after the two-minute hearing in front of 25th District Judge David Bajorek. "I think it's ridiculous what happened."

Ledesma had called 911 Aug. 19 after finding her father, Adrain, who had recently undergone brain surgery, lying on the kitchen floor, having a seizure.

Upset about what she was seeing, she said she started to swear as she dialed 911 for an ambulance. She was in the midst of swearing, she said, when police Sgt. Robert McFarland answered the phone.

"He started to lecture me about not cussing because I think he thought I was cussing at him, but I wasn't," she said. "Then he hung up on me."

She said she called back and again explained that she needed an ambulance, but was hung up on again.

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I had never seen this one before..

glad it popped up out of the 2011 version of imagination land. Why are all these old stories being thrown out here? Figured it was some sort of magical fairy doing all this nonsense but this one didn't even have a reply on it. So how did it get bumped up? Just curious.