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What on Earth is this in Antartica?

Check out Google Earth at this coordinate:

66°36'12.72" S 99°43'11.25" E

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I'm speculating dormant volcanic vents

Interesting pictures still the same, would love to see someone explore those just to identify what they are.


It`s where the USG is keeping Germany`s Gold.


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Yellow thumbtack?

That's what it looks like to me.

-64.851644, 97.194533

This area is blacked out on bing map. I haven't tried google but it's close to your POI.

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It's obviously the Earth's

It's obviously the Earth's belly-button...

Beware the cult of "government"...

An unexplored

land. I expect we'd see some things we're not used to in a land of shifting ice.

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Clearly an entrance to the

Clearly an entrance to the Alien vs Predator battleground.

I think it's the Ancient chair and 2nd stargate

I think it's the Ancient chair and 2nd Stargate. Except in real life we are hiding the info from the Russians, and will use these Drones to wipe them off the map. I hope they save some for the Goa'uld!

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Quick...call Shepard...

..He'll know what to do...hell...tell him to bring Rodney just in case...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?



Oh no the great dragon is awake!

It has opened its eye and the time of judgement and revelation has begun! or not.

Planets are living things

Since you asked, just like everything else, the Government schools lie about what planets are. They'll have you believe they are these primordial gas created, cooled off, random acts of nature. I've done extensive research on this and it looks like planets are living things/beings. Just like you they have a circulatory system, a nervous system, eyes, they have a mouth, bowels and neither regions. They also may reproduce...believe it or not... what I'm telling you here is way above top secret. The earth isn't just hollow, is alive and it has pockets of land masses that go on in the interior. The "mother" earth has been expanding because it's about to give birth in the Southern hemisphere. Folks, the truth is stranger then fiction. If you look at a map from the 1500's they all have 4 large islands on the top of the globe that no longer appear on our maps. look it up. In the center of the map is a dark spot that the maps (in Latin) all say is the "bowels of the earth". We are all being lied to, all of us.

Crude oil is actually red. Believe it or not it contains a component of what is found in blood (they say its because dinosaurs had it in there blood and so somehow it's still in the oil). What color does blood turn after it's out of your body for a while? Dark Brown/Black.

Google the "eye of the Sahara" and tell me what you see.

I'm not sure if you are serious or not.

...that's all.

I'll just say that truth is stranger then fiction.

And yes, I'm serious. I just don't have the time to post how I got to this conclusion. I just have time to tell you the conclusion and you can store it on your mental shelf of "I'm not sure about any of this and we'll wait and see category." When more evidence is presented to you, you can reference this "theory".

It's kind like when people are talking about cancer and I say that there is a cure for that. The then ask, what is it? I'll say you wouldn't believe it if I told you. It'd take to much time to give you the evidence. Then they say, "try me". So I say, "apricot seeds". Then they say, "I don't believe you." Oh, well, what can I do?

I believe the apricot seeds.

Not sure about the living earth in the manner you describe. It is composed of many living things, but I would not consider oil to be blood.

It is a theory that I'm not likely to forget soon.

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The Piri Reis map

from 1513 shows the arctic cirlce..check it out



If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

did not know about the islands or the sahara eye

interesting stuff. I can accept a living Earth, but is there any literature or something else to support your thesis?

I googled it. Actually DuckDuckGo'd it

Looks like an eyeball. Cool

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Where did you learn this?

Where did you learn this?

I'm thinking the earth looks more like this...

This of course is a cross section of the earth.

Independent research and a lot of logic

There are so many anomalous things out there, this conclusion was the most logical one. I can say that I, myself came up with this specific conclusion. I do presentations on this from time to time. I had my last one recorded and I'll post the evidence and let you conclude what you will. One of these days maybe not too distant there is going to be an earth quake so large that the whole world is going to absolutely shake everyone to the ground. Eventually all the stretched out land masses are going to come back together. Mountains and valleys and many lakes are stretch marks and wrinkles from a bloated mother earth. Google Neil Adams expanding earth. You'll see a new planet in the sky.

Found that thread...

I think you're gonna love this...maybe...


Exactly.. so the question I asked what is making it grow?

And that led me to some of the conclusions I have.

I was thinking water is some

I was thinking water is some fusion by product of the chemical reactions happening in the core. That vapor eventually bubbles up to the surface creating oceans and adding volumes to the oceans.

Interestingly, they (scientists) never talk about exploring the trenches that go miles deep under the ocean floors. We always talk about outer space but never "inner" space.

There's a great thread on the

There's a great thread on the DP about the expanding earth theory.

Separate point: have you ever heard of the hollow earth theory? Supposedly some Alaskan military pilot flew up to the north pole and flew through a hole inside the earth! He reported meeting very tall beings that resembled vikings who spoke Sankrit. All of his writings and journals were confiscated and are classified. Are you familiar with this?


A Voyage to the Inner World

and read it.

This is all related.

Update: This is an optical illusion


After further study and some first hand evidence I have realized that this is an optical illusion and not the actual gateway to hell. The gateway to hell still appears to be US Citizenship.

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And there is Another One

66°33'11.80" S 99°50'21.82" E

"Walls are stronger than the men that defend them."

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Checked it out

What are we supposed to be looking for?

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