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Has Ron Paul made you more courageous?

After finding out about Ron Paul and watching how brave he has been all these years, I've found myself to have more courage and confidence. It was a little erratic at first(trying to warn everyone about everything going on), but it has since leveled off to a constructive pace.

I actually went back to school and got a degree in Business Management and became a state delegate. I find I can now be vocal about things without alarming people. There are many other areas where I've been able to take control of aspects of my life because of Dr Paul. I guess I'm just not as apathetic as I used to be.

I write this because I'm convinced that this has happened to many of us.

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I Ain't Movin'!

"Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform. Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world's estimation, and publicly and privately, in season and out, avow their sympathy with despised and persecuted ideas and their advocates, and bear the consequences." - Susan B. Anthony

On December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white person. In effect, Rosa parks said, "I ain't movin'!" This defiant act has become the symbol of the American civil rights movement. http://www.bradblog.com/?p=1948

On October 3, 1992, on Saturday Night Live, Sinead O'Connor, the popular singing artist with the shorn locks and soaring voice, risked her career to protest the sexual abuse cover-up by the Roman Catholic Church. A couple of weeks later, at Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary celebration, Sinead was met with boos and cheers, so deafening that she was unable to perform the scheduled song, I Believe in You. Instead O'Connor chose to remain onstage and shouted the words to the song, War, and in effect said, "I ain't movin'!" http://youtu.be/3ExY8IPx454

On March 16th, 2003, Rachel Corrie was killed in Gaza by an Israel Defense Forces bulldozer as she was acting as a human shield to prevent the demolition of the house of a Palestinian family. Rachel Corrie stood her ground and in effect declared, "I ain't movin'!" Whatever our views are on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it can not be denied that this young woman of 23, gave her life for what she believed in. http://www.dailypaul.com/137662/i-d-rather-be-dancing-rachel...

Debra Medina, a candidate for the republican nomination in the 2010 Texas Governor's race, was at first denied the opportunity to debate with Governor Rick Perry and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. But because of her dramatically increasing poll numbers, she was finally allowed to participate in the second debate. After the debate and while appearing on the Glenn Beck Show, Mrs. Medina refused to condemn the First Amendment right of those Americans who would question the official story of the 9-11 attacks. Her poll numbers declined rapidly with the jingoism that ensued. No matter what our political beliefs, by her decision to stand firm on her convictions, we must acknowledge the courage of Debra Medina when she said in effect, "I ain't movin'!" http://www.dailypaul.com/124389/debra-medina-the-heart-of-a-...

Deep inside Ron Paul's new book, Liberty Defined, is a passage that says this: "Those who agitate for change deal with precise ideas, not fuzzy compromise. This appeals to common sense, personal conscience, and fairness. This approach is ignored when conditions seem to be stable, but when a crisis hits, the views of those who argued for change are suddenly listened to. Quiescent years can go by, requiring great patience and determination and education."

Human history has and will have many examples of men and women who have stood firm for freedom and the rights of man. While most of us are not singers, politicians, or in any way influential in national events, we can still perform random acts of courage.

So come all you would be freedom fighters......those of us who are bothered when our government and our peers all but declare that it is blasphemy to question the warfare/welfare state and the loss of our freedoms....those of us who are bothered when they see news reports that attempt to indoctrinate the American people....and those of us who are worried about the futures of our children and grandchildren.

No matter what our political sensibilities may be, let's dare to speak political blasphemy. Lets' dare to stand up. Let's dare to say....."I ain't movin'!"

Until then, I'll see you in Ames.




The man is definitely a motivator. I think many of us are much more driven than last time around.

-quiet engineer

As mentioned below

being familiar with more solvent political theory as introduced by Dr. Paul has similarly made my discussion more enjoyable with other 'philosophers' while inspiring my curiosity to continue inquiring into other ideas and issues

Most certainly!!

After the last four years of reading and following the Doctor I will stand toe-to-toe with any neo-con, conservative or liberal on the real issues and am usually the last one standing.

Most people are not concerned with real solutions, it's more about beating the Republicrats out of the next election cycle. On one hand I have been so encouraged and on the other I am hopeless; for the near future anyway. After Ron gets out of the national political ratrace it will be time to ram education down this nations throat!!

Ron Paul is my President!!!

"There are only two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword, the other is by debt." - John Adams

Truly "Hope for America"

My disease was not apathy, but rather pessimism.

I was amazed to find a politician that had the right ideas about government which he courageously held despite adversity. Top it off with a respectable life and an amiable personality and you have a powerful demonstration that common sense and virtue CAN win. To see that those qualities are still admired in America gives me great hope for our country.

May God preserve and reward him!

Tears in My Eyes

I have tears in my eyes reading these responses. They remind me of the column at TRS-80.com where all the guys describe the first time they saw a TRS-80 computer and how it changed their lives.

Seriously, how great is that? Few people ever get to do this on such a worldwide scale.

I'm just glad that Ron Paul is getting his reward for defending our rights all these years. It would have been a real shame if he had never been recognized by the broader public he has been representing.

The statements here are probably more than enough reward for his life's work.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


I considering in enrolling and participating in these new government initiatives and policies ;)



How Can You Not Be

We finally know that WE are the ones on the side of the constitution and those on the LEFT and RIGHT are trying to change our REPUBLIC into something it was NEVER meant to be.

We will get our Republic back

Ron Paul or Bust

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Absolutely Yes

Whenever something in the news that I read or in a conversation I have makes me sad or frustrated and makes me want to give up the fight I always remind myself that Ron Paul has suffered far worse and that I owe it to his cause to keep going. Until I've fought as hard or for as long as Ron Paul I won't give up or let up in the fight to restore liberty. I've never known of a more inspiring man, he is my personal hero.

Here's the big secret:

Are you ready?

I know you're ready.


Ready now?

There is no "Right" and "Left", it is a fairy tale.
There is the far-left and the left, point blank.
Everything else has been wiped out including the right-wing movement after Goldwater's death...so no opposition.


Right on.

Changed my life

After hearing Ron Paul at just the right moment, a brief moment of open mindedness, I began to transform my life. I went back to school after dropping out my freshmen year of high-school, got a degree and am continuing school. Got out of the black market where taxes were 0. Ended up working for The State House of Representatives, the State Senate, and am currently working for the State from a hotel in the San Juan Islands, blogging, making calls to Iowa and corresponding with State and National organizers for Ron Paul as well as other interests.
In 2008 I became a delegate to the State convention where my Congressional district won and sent delegates to Nationals. Public speaking was my number one fear. The first time I got up and spoke was at my precinct caucus, which I had only learned about a few days before. It was one of the most nerve racking things I have ever done. Since I have spoken to many groups, crowds and was asked to speak in front of 4000 people at the State Capital in WA for the largest Tea Party in the State to Date.
The magnitude of change in my life is largely due to Ron Paul and cannot even be covered in the few paragraphs above. My life has been changed forever and I am forever grateful.

Matthew Edward Hayward

reedr3v's picture

More courageous, more knowledgeable,

more inspired, more confident, happier, more loving and trustful (when I'm not more despairing in down moments) of the convoluted process of human evolution.

I very much agree that talking with people -- not necessarily about politics even -- but connecting, smiling with eye contact, sharing our common humanity, encouraging local action and empowerment is helpful, kept to a welcome level.

And for those ready, pointing out the shared burdens of regulation, the importance of taking personal responsibility for the terrible misuse of tax monies for looting, incarcerating so many citizens innocent of any violent actions, the militarization of society and aggressiveness of U.S. foreign policy.

Ron Paul leads by setting a good example

For everyone - courage, wisdom, liberty, responsibility, knowledge, principle, honor, take your pick, one or all.

Ron Paul led me back to the church.

He showed me what I always thought a Christian was supposed to be. I was fed up with religion and the church. He made me see what a Christian is, and can be, and I am proud to say I re-committed my life to Christ because of him.
Thank you Dr. Paul
Now, 1st: I am proud to be a soldier for Christ my King and 2nd: a soldier for Ron Paul in the fight for freedom. I don't serve two masters but stand with a leader who serves the One True God..

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

That is an awesome complement

I have always wondered if there was a man in politics that could balance his beliefs and his role as a public servant and I am very proud of Ron for being that person. He has encouraged me in my walk with the Lord. It was polotics that was resurrected by the example the Ron has set.

I do disaggree with the "just war" stance from a Christian world view, I believe that God would verbably command war if that was in his plan (think Israelites of OT), but Christ brought forth the prophecied New covenant, a covenant of peace and the blessings of salvation to all he draws near.

War is for the Government to carry out on our behalf. A strong defense will deter invaders.

I probably don't make any sense at all but it is the only 2 that I have. :)

Peace and God bless

"There are only two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword, the other is by debt." - John Adams

i don't know about courageous

but he's certainly made me a better person.

thanks doc.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

You bet, in just about every way!

Time to shrink government back down to about the size of a bathtub until these crooks have been thrown off the pond.

I guess what I am saying ...

Is that at least I don't feel alone anymore. I don't feel silly for loving My fellow Countrymen. Being involved with them. All the different Idea's and experiences coming from us are fun for me.

The more I...

Learn about and live my life by the philosophy of liberty the happier and better my life gets.

Please Don't be alarmed ...

I live in Ct. I have always had an urge to talk to people, and when ever I stand in line somewhere I turn around and talk to people. Some are ok and they talk back, however I had some instances where they just ignored me and that is ok but a friend of mine yells at me because am friendly to every one I meet. I can't help it I was always taught to be courteous to people. But he say's that I am scarring people. and even my friend ignores me and tells me that I embarrassed him. and with the way the Politics was in Washington I thought that this was the way that the world was, and I can't live in a world like that, so I was just thinking that meaby i would be better off if I just died. Until RP came along and He has the same values as I do. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. I always was sad that nobody really was into the Constitution and the Idea that it was Mold able really Disturbed me. It opens up the opportunity of one group in power to mold it towards their interests usually at the expense of the polar opposite group. I had always believed that the Constitution was our equalizer for everyone and this Idea of Malleability was dangerous to certain peoples right by who ever is in charge. Am I wrong ?

That is why judges are so powerful

Their interpretation is often more powerful than the actual law. As long as we have decent, common sense judges, there is a chance of improving things.

I'm in CT too

and also feeling a loner.
I made the decision a few months ago to always wear my RP t shirts when I go out shopping. Ihave to be selective sometimes where I wear them. (I have 5 or 6 rp shirts). Wore one today to stop and shop and got tons of looks. However my rp lawn sign gets tons of beeps daily..........
Whre are you in CT? Maybe we can get together and make some signs together? I live at the intersection of 2 nd 11, it's a perfct place to make some highway blogger signs. I just need someone to do it with me.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

I live in ...

Plainville, Ct. As for the Mold-able Constitution we have the ability to amend our constitution. But your right, I really wasn't taught about respecting liberty either. I believe in individual sovereignty now. the only way liberty works is through attraction not promotion or coercion. But I also believe that we the people have got to start respecting everyone's rights with each other.

I loath CT's overwhelming

collectivist mentality. It's such a corrupt place as well, at least in my experience. I live in Fairfield county. (not everyone by any means, but damn, a lot of real bull* comes from this place)

But no I disagree with your take on the amendment process. Keen idea, but as good as the document is, it is still flawed and as human history indicates, there is always room for improvement. All forms of government are flawed in some way.

The risk of catastrophically bad decisions is always backed up by either sensible error correction, collapse or revolution.

A lot of us are currently in a re-revolution of thought. I wasn't taught to respect liberty in school. I learned it through life experience and always try to spread it at least subtly in any conversation I have.

The will of the people is abstract, but important. We do indeed get what we deserve.

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Yes, JustComeHome, Ron did give us the courage to

talk to strangers and we found how pleasurable it is to work with other local RonPaulians. We used to feel like an island of odd peaceniks, but now that we met many remarkably talented dedicated peace & liberty lovers from all walks of life in the last four years we feel more at ease to talk about Ron Paul with MORE strangers.

Our understanding of monetary policy came after we started to campaign for him: we never connected the foreign policies with our monetary system before that. We feel a lot better prepared to weather through the coming economic and social storms.

I would say definitely more "Politically Vocal"...

For 24 years I have spoken on topics ranging from child molestation to domestic violence to murder. Having done so before over 350,000 people, I don't need a "nudge" to speak out...lol.

However, NEVER...EVER until the 2008 campaign did I even have a "passing interest" in politics as I just always saw the game being rigged with a Coke vs. Pepsi choice.

What Ron Paul did was (a) stimulate an interest in politics and (b) make me definitely more "politically vocal" in my positions, now better-educated positions.

I like so many others probably relate to the classic sign, "Ron Paul cured my apathy." And in that regard, he is truly an inspiration to many of us.

Great observations. Great thread.

Most of what Ron Paul talks about, at least the core ideas, I "knew" before I knew who Ron Paul was; I had picked them up from mises.org and some other sites ... plus a little bit of thinking.

But the raw courage of this man is like a beacon burning brighter than the sun. I have no illusions about ever being able to be AS brave as Ron Paul, but he gives me something to measure up to in terms of honor, intellect, and courage. I can measure myself, and that makes me want to try harder. I can also measure other putative "leaders" and their egotistical, arrogant, self-serving nature is now very easy to discern. I guess, before Ron Paul -- and now a number of those who have come forward to courageously stand alongside him in public -- I didn't know what a statesman was. Before, I didn't know what was actually possible for a human and for a people.

Can you imagine a country where a majority of the top leaders had intelligence, courage, ethics and grace? Well, once upon a time there was one. The year was 1776. It's been a while.

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28

In monetary understanding

I would say an emphatic YES..!!

I have always had a hard time understanding the concepts of money and RP helped me to understand and find the light for myself. A truly great man.

Humility is the cornerstone of a Warriors Strength.

SteveMT's picture

Yes, Thanks for crystallizing that thought.

Ron Paul is the only roll model for Liberty.