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Ron Paul suggests freezing spending rather than increasing the debt, Fox News 7/28/11

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MSM final remark

The male talking head gave him props on wall street stability.

It's interesting: Alex Jones always makes says the NWO is behind every little decision to reach an ultimate goal they have been working for for centuries. And it seems way to convenient to say, "this is all part of their plan." But on the other hand... why are the CEO's lobbying congress for the raise, but the market is 'stable'? Are the banks (our kings) telling their CEO (their knights) to strong arm congress?

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Excuse me.... but... I think you all missed something big here.

90% of the comments are focused on the dumb blonde - but I don't think you realize how pivotal this presentation is.

This is absolutely one of the best presentations he has ever given. The clarity and his command of the subject is the best ever. His calm demeanor is all the more accentuated by the bimbo's stupidity.

Given this and the fact that it is top billing on Drudge just a week and a half away from Ames - and I strongly believe you have a lightning striking the clock tower moment.

This presentation here my friends is THE turning point into main stream. I'm very proud of him. What an accomplishment.


this lady didn't listen at all, blond moment!

No!! No Way!! Damn It!! Listen to Ron Paul...IDIOTS!!

"So then Dr. Paul, your on record as voting no?"..That is all this stupid woman wanted to know?.. Good grief! Hopeless!!

A network that puts a stupid, dumb as a handful of rocks of a woman on the air, isn't worth watching..How annoying!!

A dysfuction President, A dysfuctional Speaker, A dysfuction government with absolutly no, none, zero, nada understanding of what direction to take...FOOL!!..STOP SPENDING OUR FREAKING MONEY!!

I say, we ought to impeach the whole GD U.S. Congress and that useless as tits on a bor communist President..



You're funny.

You're funny.

i read your comment before I

i read your comment before I watched the video and didn't know why you were so upset.

Watched the video and yea... wow.

Apparently she didn't realize Ron Paul is principled.


It always seems that when a women inter-viewer talks to Ron Paul, They are all seem to be blonde!!!!!!!
Ok! Now I'm a racist against blondes!
Bite me!


This woman is dumber than a football bat. What Dr. Paul said went right through her empty head..nothing but air in there...she probably hears echos between her ears when she tries to think.

Take one for the team? My guess is that this bimbo has taken care of the whole team there at FAUX to get that job...cause she sure did not get that job based on her brains.

Would be funny if it were not so pitiful.

Ron's presentation of

Ron's presentation of detailed facts is not only smoother this campaign, it conveys a great depth of knowledge. That's handy in a number of settings.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

If the Banks and Wall Street support Boehner Bill, Paul is right

Congress was so stupid they did the bailout in 2008 and Dr. Paul said it was a bad deal. We see he was right!

Boehner's Bill is mostly smoke and mirrors hiding something financially devastating to the taxpayers.

Who is supposed to pay for this new debt that Congress wants to take on? If you want to pay interest on this new debt moving into the future, go back to sleep.

Do your Congressmen know where you stand?

Free includes debt-free!

S & M, you're right!

Boner is a white Obama!
It's freakin' discussing!!!!!

Dr. No said "no"...again...

...very calmly when her question(probably written for her) tried to paint him as a black and white, insensitive, irresponsible, pro-default Congressman who wants the elderly and poor immediately cut off their entitlements!!!

ME: "When might you guys at Fox mention that INTEREST PAYMENTS to the Federal Reserve on the debt are the most OFFENSIVE tax burden to the American people???"

FOX NEWS: "How about Never! Does never work for you?"

Paying the principle is

Paying the principal is equally offensive, considering where it came from.

Yes but she's good looking.

Yes but she's good looking. You're supposed to be mesmerized by her charms that way you won't listen to what she's actually saying... which is good because you really don't.

Not enough to stop spending

We need to make it perfectly clear when speaking to people that stopping spending is not enough.

America will never, ever, ever, EVER, successfully resolve its debt crisis by merely tinkering with its fiscal policy.

It must own up to and correct a failed monetary policy.



One thing life has taught me is that beautiful, vapid people are as common as dog $#!t, and about as valuable.

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

This lady interviewing him is

This lady interviewing him is borderline retarded.

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."


You're too kind.

Don't say it too...

... loudly. We need her vote and that of her husband and her seven sisters. (Not sure about the seven sisters) She'll come around. Let's cut these media people slack and not vilify them. You never know. They will come our way in the end.

Plano TX

She's a Lawful Evil paid

She's a Lawful Evil paid servant of the media. She knows what she is doing. I have no sympathy for the pipers of death that are the talking spokes-holes of government and corporatism.

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

"Do it for the...

... "Do it for the team" How funny.

This is GOP establishment talk. Do it for the team of miscreants.

Dr Paul should have told her that they have been increasing the debt ceiling the past 30 years. Every time they ask me to do it for the team. What has the team done for us? My conscience is clear. I've never voted to increase spending above what we take it.

I think he should remind the media that when the GOP was in control there was a vote on raising the debt limit. President Obama and Ron Paul, among others, voted against the motion.

Bonehead wants to increase Pell grants by $4 billion. he calls that a spending cut. This is how stupid the leadership is. "Come on guys let's spend more and do for the team."

Plano TX

This whole thing is going to

This whole thing is going to be in Paul's favor for sure. Most everyone I talk to knows its all a big hoax. It really is that simple. Just stop spending.

This 'Crisis'...

...just keeps bringing thinkers over to Ron Paul's side.

You are either sleeping or dumb not to see what's happening.
We need to continue to wake people up.... the dumb are lost.

Ron Paul 2012 For Freedom!

"The laws of man may bind him in chains or may put him to death, but they never can make him wise, virtuous, or happy." JQA

Gotta love daytime FOX news casters

... they always sit there with this dumb look on their face when they hear the truth.

Dr Paul:

"Well ... people lately are noticing that when they look up in the sky on a clear day, the color is blue."

Dumb Talking Head (head tilted to the side, thinking):

(omg! wow! really?? can that possibly be true? will I lost my job if I agree?? I'd better stick to the talking point about the yellow sky)

"So what you're saying is, all of the scientists at the UN that are unanimously agreeing that the sky is yellow and only increased taxes will save us ... are *wrong*??"

Dr Paul:

"Well .. all I think you need to do is turn around and look out the studio window. See for yourself"

Dumb Talking Head:

*sits there with head tilted to the side*

that stupid women wasn't listening.

she obviously was not listening and had her own agenda for talking points. She lost out on learning the truth and getting some real knowledge laid into her. You could tell she has too thick a skull to absorb any truth from Dr. Paul.

Joη's picture

"that stupid women"


"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

And FOX, you are on the record...

for your inability to comprehend anything outside the Republicrat box.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Dr. kNOw

"An easy no."

On point as always...and what "team" is she talking about taking one for? It sure isn't the American public. He takes one for that team every time he gets up in front of these nimrods, makes a logical proposal, and then gets ignored.

"The times call for courage. The times call for hard work. But if the demands are high, it is because the stakes are even higher. They are nothing less than the future of human liberty, which means the future of civilization." – Henry Hazlitt

SteveMT's picture

Another great idea by Ron Paul that no one is listening to.

These people are diabolically dumb.