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Help convince Colbert's super PAC to back liberty & Ron Paul

Stephen Colbert has started a super PAC; he's soliciting donations & figuring out what it stands for. You can go to this link & click on "I Stand For..." I wrote, "Everything that Ron Paul stands for - liberty, prosperity, & peace! End the Fed! Give him the money!"


Colbert Super PAC | Making a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow

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Colbert is anti-Paul

It made me so sad to see the original post that I had to register (I've been lurking on DP for a while) and comment.

Colbert hates Ron Paul. Or rather, he personally probably doesn't care at all (about anything other than his own ego and career), being basicly just a C-rate actor and useless teleprompter parrot, but his masters hate Ron Paul. They hate him so intensely that they hestitate even to attack him since just mentioning him could risk improving his name recognition.

Instead they stick to insidious tactics to try to inflict as much damage as they can to Paul, and liberty in general.

Why do you think Colbert and Stewart keep on pushing that point about "political losers" who were straw poll winners in the past? They do it over and over, and over.

It's not because it's such a great joke (the audience is laughing on cue, as always) but meant to hammer home the point that even if Ron Paul wins Ames, or all the polls, he is still never a "serious candidate", the msms favourite expression of the day it seems.

Go back and look at the Ron or Rand interviews on Colbert and Stewart. Stewart made a special point about ridiculing Rand Pauls philosophy and politics when he had him on; not just cheap snicks but he was obviously well rehearsed and kept pushing his message in a very effective way (the same way he did in his little hit job on the too visible libertarian Tucker Carlson some years ago). He never did anything close to what he did to Rand Paul to _any_ of his other guests, not even Rumsfeld or Cheney.

No, Stewart and his puppet Colbert simply wants to help any way they can to crush liberty. That's why they talk so little about it, so that they won't be called out by their audience (who is probably largely pro-Paul). But they keep "hinting" at the same message over and over again. They want people to complete the train of thought themselves, so they will feel like they are connecting the dots. Simply because that is the most effective method of persuasion.

Boehner is funny because he's orange, McCain is funny because he's old, but libertarianism is, according to Stewarts never ending stream of insinuations, simply dangerous and would destroy the world.

This does not mean Stewart or Colbert are never funny. It's just that, sadly, they are, well, evil.

The establishment is running scared and their true colors are showing.

Colbert is useless...

...and no friend to liberty. This stunt is just as bad if not worse than the "Vote or Die" campaign.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

NOT TRUE. Colbert is being a deviant comedian LOL

He is about to make fun of Rick Perry because his super-pac can do whatever it wants including parody the candidate it endorses by putting out slanderous ads .I guarantee you Colbert is about to unleash some funny ads which will make Perry look like a clown.

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bad Colbert, bad...


He announced he's releasing an ...allegedly? pro-Perry commercial airing in Iowa. We can't see it yet.

Well, I don't know any good way to interpret this.

later:*reads above comment*


later still:
...*opens mouth*
...*closes mouth*

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Now this is on the front page?

Only takes 2 minutes? What about all the effort to promote this post? C'mon, there has got to be things infinately more important to be spending time and energy on. For instance we have our own Super PAC that needs promotion.

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I don't think there's a

I don't think there's a chance that Colbert's super PAC will send any money to Ron Paul. It will go to the usual left wing Democrats.

to the Colbert SUPER pac

I stand with Ron Paul! He's running again! Please give him some FRN's before they go to zero. Thanks!

it cost nothing

but your email and 2mins of your time to write i stand for RONPAUL if we could take it over he would bring up RP almost every night even if he mocks him we still win. 1 week to get the most entries, something im sure we can do

I stand to pee and I stand

I stand to pee and I stand for liberty. Don't let the government pee on my liberty!

Don't give him

one red cent.

dont waste your time

colberts been like the rest of the media hes ignored ron paul and made fun of him on his show 2 nights ago he doesnt like ron paul itss a waste of energy

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Just posted:

"Peace and Freedom. Ron Paul is the only candidate that agrees. Please Stephen, give him your support."

Jack Wagner



nothing they can do can make RP look bad

but the free tv time he will get could be huge not to mention the money . it only takes 2 sec to fill it out and the blue republicans could explode in numbers if we can hijack his superpac
i stand for RONPAUL it worth it

Don't forget the rule of law!

Here's mine:

Rule of law (constitutional government), no undeclared or preemptive war, Austrian economics, and Ron Paul


for good ideas.

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Colbert? Really?

Him and his writers are not concerned with liberty or any real issues.

The "stands" he's looking to take are sarcastic and contrary to what actually needs to be done because he has to entertain the disenchanted and pessimistic youth out there. He has to do all this with tongue in cheek humor.

This is not only a poor idea, but possibly disastrous.

If he does mention any of Dr. Paul's platforms, it will make that platform into a joke. He already has made stabs at competing currencies because it's a complex idea that is easily debatable on the surface of the issue.

We should not waste our time trying to get a comedian to make Dr. Paul look silly.

I agree

Colbert is a dbag. He actually is a libertarian. Had Ron Paul on his show in 2008 and just made it into a joke. Didn't really do a good interview, by no means helped libertarianism.

I don't even find Colbert that funny.

I do not agree

Colbert's career is satire (did you see his President Dinner speech with Bush?). He takes the position of disagreeing with people he agrees with to show how idiotic that side is. He is very much in our camp, but also is a performer and needs to keep up the show (or loose all access). So when RP was on, and he took the side against him, you can assume he was trying to get smart responses from RP to the stupid questions being asked about him.

I do think he should have him on more this cycle, but after a Ames win, or after some good showings in Primaries (and after everyone else but Romney drops out), he will have to have him on (one would think, but can't assume).

Colbert is a Joke, that is his character, he is the modern day Jester, insulting the King in front of his face without him even knowing it. (Again, President's Dinner speech, a national treasure in my opinion).

With that said, I stopped watching Colbert and Stewart when I stopped listening to Alex Jones. They are good to wake people up, but not good to keep people up. Now I check RT and Al Jazeera once a week and just read the headlines (so I know what is going on). I spend the rest of my time writing and communicating with our camp (and the Green Party), and watching select interviews (mostly Ron Paul).

Jack Wagner

I see your point

I see your point and I understand Colbert's style. I just would have hoped he's serious enough about libertarianism to drop the act a little bit and make sure to help Ron Paul look good. Could have been better done I think (but this was 4 years ago, I by no means remember the details, just my reaction)

My Submission:

I stand for liberty, justice, peace and a sound economic policy. I stand with Ron Paul.

I wish there was a link on the SuperPac website where we could see everyone else's submissions. For those of us who aren't into Twitter...


Peace, liberty, small government. Only one presidential candidate to consider and you know who it is.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Responding to a stunt with a stunt

Little can come from this, but we should do it anyway because it is another simple, free way to show support. Someone, somewhere is reading these and discussions will ensue as a result.

I am 100% sure this is a waste of time.

He will waste the money on something meaningless and his PAC is NOT seriously loomking to support any candidate. This guy has his popularity to think about. Plus, Colbert could careless about actually helping the country with his platform. It's a conflict of interest for these types. He is the type of comedian for apathetic youth who would rather make fun of the system than do anything to improve or change it. What has he ever done for liberty?

Move along.

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Sure. A waste of a whole 2

Sure. A waste of a whole 2 seconds.
There are no expectations but wouldn't it be interesting if there were a surprise?

Vote for the Republic

Not sure what people don't get. Vote for the constitution and everything will start working itself out. I think he should be ALL his money into Ron Paul through his pac FOR SURE.

Who would he actually toss money at? Obama? LOL, yeah or MITTENS... yeah really well spent.

Ron Paul or Bust

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You can only submit one but you can tweet all you want

Just use hashtag #istandfor in your tweet

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