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Ron Paul on The Kudlow Report: "How Do You Solve The Debt Problem By Raising The Debt Limit?" 07/29/11

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Ron Paul has ideas to care of this...

i believe he got ideas and threw some for some people to think about. People bitching here cuz he won't state them in detail is just nonsense. Eventually he'll state them out there & in paper. Those that are quick to criticize are the first to abandon. Bunch of front-runners...I realize his timing of things are well in place. People still need to be educated & that is what Ron Paul is doing.

How will the bankruptcy of the USA play out?

It seems that ultimately people take things into their own hands when the pain and suffering from going along with a system of plunder and control reaches the revolution point, the point at which violence becomes more acceptable and less painful than accepting the status quo.

I am reminded of the French storming the Bastille, the Colonists resisting at Lexington and Concord, the South Carolina militia evicting federals from Ft. Sumter, and Soviet citizens resisting unwilling troops in Red Square. Ultimately people will take to the streets, so to speak, because life becomes intolerable under those in power.

I can almost hear Madame Guillotine begging for the blood of those who have brought us to this point in history.

If you regard this as a simple crisis of too much spending or too much borrowing you only address the symptoms, not the disease. The strain of the disease that afflicts us now began in 1913 when those occupying the seats of federal power colluded with bankers to substitute bank credit for money in the Federal Reserve Act. The Constitution gave us the money of freedom, gold and silver coins. This usurpation had a purpose, and that was to allow banks to create money out of thin air and turn us into their indentured servants paying them interest as we became bound by the traditional instruments of indenture, notes, bonds and mortgages. Is it no wonder that wealth in this country has become concentrated in the hands of the few, while the majority march down the road toward poverty. The scheme worked well as Franklin Roosevelt first took away our gold coins and Richard Nixon took away our silver coins, leaving us only with pseudo money.

The current monetary system has two advantages to banks and government. It transfers wealth to bankers from the public, and it facilitates the expansion of government far beyond what tolerable taxes possibly could. Bankers and politicians love it. The general public does not understand it, and are tricked by deflections such as the current debate.

But there is a catch to this scheme. It is unstable and unsustainable in addition to being predatory and unconstitutional. It can only end badly.

It may end in debt collapse in which the debts owed to banks become overwhelmingly worthless and the resulting insolvency can no longer be ignored and hidden by regulators and the outright fraud of the accountants we trust to tell us about the financial condition of the banks. This in turn would make the debts of the banks to us, i.e., our checking and saving accounts and CD's, worthless - a massive bank holiday and you lose.

It may end by the federal government attempting to borrow and spend a massive amount of newly created pseudo money, causing the public to treat what little of this paper they have left as a hot potato, driving its purchasing power down to near nothing. This is possible, but less likely as the resulting increase in prices would make life almost unlivable for those near the bottom.

But whatever the path the unwinding of the current monetary system follows, people will take to the streets, prompted by pain. Whether the federal government goes quietly into the night or follows the course of the British in 1775 or Lincoln in 1861, will be seen in due course. I suspect that those in power will not yield to freedom without a fight.

The current charade by those in Washington, DC is nothing more than theater to help them maintain control of the government. Only Ron and Rand Paul are addressing the problem; the overwhelming majority of the rest are a mix of sociopaths and psychopaths, for sale to the highest bidder, and bankers bid very high.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Why don't we just follow the constitution

If the congress forced the POTUS to follow the constitution, we wouldn't be in this mess...and soon the people would be happy again.

That's my plan..just follow what the founders gave us.

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I'm seeing more push-back in the

comments section than usual for an RP interview, with some pointedly negative comments about DPrs. This trend may increase as he is taken more seriously by the opposition.

I agree, I was going to write

I agree, I was going to write how awesome of an interview this was! Wow. He's amazing at these interviews now, and he doesn't need a teleprompter to remember all the issues. He's spontaneously genius!

Will RP Have a Balanced Budget Plan?

Kudlow asked if Ron Paul would have a plan to balance the budget within 10 years, and the good doctor changed the subject.

I would have thought he'd refer to Rand Paul's budget proposal to do it in half that time:


We need to get those two together.

BTW, if it isn't balanced before the next election (i.e., 2 years), it isn't balanced. That's my position. No Congress can bind a future Congress.

Thomas R. Eddlem

I heard it differently

He did not change the subject, he said just freeze the budget and it would in time balance. Its not rocket science to balance the budget. The problem is Washington is addicted to spending and that's because the people and a host of parasitical constituencies are demanding it. Not until a president and a committed majority in congress are willing to stand up and tell the American people the truth, the charade will continue.

A balanced budget won't solve

A balanced budget won't solve the problem; total spending is the disease. However, I think Ron should develop a more detail plan, at least so the public can see. But then again, the president isn't in charge of balanced budgets per se; that would be Congress's duty.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke


I disagree. Detail is Ron's problem...or rather too much of it is his problem. In these short little interviews, he needs to be giving quick responses full of common sense. Things like "freeze spending at last year's level" is perfect for this type of interview.

The common man's eyes glaze over when he starts talking about the gold standard, end the Fed, bring the troops home, etc. WE understand how important these are in the context of fiscal responsibility, but most don't. Plus, he has the reputation in MSM of being 'crazy'. The more common sense he uses, the more electable he will become.

I meant with regards to

I meant with regards to something typed up where people can view it; but your point is taken and I agree: responses that cut to the point.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

You're right..

He does need to have a formal plan, but unlike the other politicians, he actually has thrown out some good ideas. Freeze spending at 2010 levels, cancel out the debt with the Fed, and bring the troops home. All of those are reasonable pieces that no one is talking about.

Yes, and I think that is his

Yes, and I think that is his point in a sense. He doesn't need no stinkin' plan that will just go in the dustbin. People just need to understand that wide swaths of programs need to be cut and the entire philosophy of government and society must change.

Of course ...

... Rand Paul gets points for making a reasonable effort. And it is within his term (which is six years).

Thomas R. Eddlem


POLITICO Breaking News

Less than two hours after the House passed Speaker Boehner's debt-ceiling bill, the Senate blocked the bill by a 59 to 41 vote. The Senate will begin debate on Majority Leader Harry Reid's debt proposal tonight, but votes are not expected until late Saturday or Sunday.

In the House, Republicans have said they will bring Reid's plan for a vote on the floor Saturday, where it is all but certain to be rejected in kind.

For more information... http://www.politico.com

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So, WHY aren't people talking about. . .

Connie Mack "hobbit" Penny Plan, which will balance the budget in eight years, according to Rand P & C Mack???


Rand could do it in 5?

Rand could do it in 5? Honestly I just heard about Connie Mack's plan today on the rare chance of listening to hannity.

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Rand's "Fiscal Year 2012 Budget of the U.S. Government"

submitted in March 2011


(page 8)
"Though the CBO baseline and the President’s budget provide us with a glimpse of the looming fiscal catastrophe that’s quickly approaching, this budget would alter that course, significantly reducing both deficits and debt, and eventually achieving a surplus by 2016."

The beauty of Connie Mack Penny Plan, which Rand cosponsored, is its simplicity. The formula is exquisitely clean and easy to visualize. Penny Plan will take 8 yrs to balance.

Kudlow must be playing dumb or devil's advocate

Surely nobody can be exposed to Dr. Paul as much as he has and still not see the writing on the wall.

Why in the hell would they follow a balanced budget ammendment? They violate their oath of office every day.

Duplicate Post

Dangers of double clicking on the web.

You want a budget...

... budget blue print... simple, says Dr Paul. Just freeze the 2011 budget. He still wasn't happy. I mean how stupid are some people?

Plano TX

Larry Kudlow Wants To See A Plan On Paper..How About If I

Tattoo It to your Freaking Head...


Senate "Tabled" The Boehner Bill..The vote was 59 Yes and 41 No.

The Boehner Bill has been iced or tabled so the bastard senate can amend or take out some provisions in the original Boehner Bill..




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