22 votes

The 22 Republican Representatives who didn't cave to Boehner

As reported by Politico:

California - McClintock
Florida - Mack, Southerland
Georgia - Broun, Graves
Illinois - Johnson, Walsh
Iowa - King, Latham
Kansas - Huelskamp
Michigan - Amash
Minnesota - Bachmann, Cravaack
Ohio - Jordan
South Carolina - Duncan, Gowdy, Mulvaney, Scott, Wilson
Tennessee - Desjarlais
Texas - Paul
Utah - Chaffetz

Send them messages of love, thanks and respect. They need it.



These 66 Republicans held firm on Monday's vote:
(names in bold voted NAY on the previous bill, noted above. All 22 above, voted NAY the second time as well)

Alabama - Brooks, Roby
Arizona - Flake, Franks, Quayle, Schweikert
California - Hunter, McClintock, Nunes
Colorado - Lamborn, Tipton
Florida - Mack, Posey, Ross, Southerland, Stearns
Georgia - Broun, Gingrey, Graves, Kingston, Austin, Westmoreland
Idaho - Labrador
Illinois - Hultgren, Johnson, Walsh
Indiana - Burton, Rokita, Stutzman
Iowa - King, Latham
Kansas - Huelskamp, Yoder
Kentucky - Davis
Louisiana - Fleming, Landry, Scalise
Maryland - Harris
Michigan - Amash
Minnesota - Bachmann, Cravaack
Missouri - Akin, Hartzler
Montana - Rehberg
New Jersey - Garrett
New Mexico - Pearce
New York - Buerkle
North Carolina - Jones
Ohio - Jordan, Turner
South Carolina - Duncan, Gowdy, Mulvaney, Scott, Wilson
Tennessee - DesJarlais, Fleischmann
Texas - Gohmert, Hall, Neugebauer, Paul, Poe
Utah - Bishop, Chaffetz
Virginia - Forbes, Griffith

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This Tim Johnson guy seems to

This Tim Johnson guy seems to always stand up! Thank you to him!

Well done, S.C.


NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.


How many of these voted for the PA?

...this should narrow down the field a bit lol


s.990 Patriot Act vote

of the 22 who refused both the Bohener bill and the phony compromise these reps also voted against extending the patriot act.

McClintock, Mack, Broun, Graves, Johnson, Amash, Duncan, & Chaffetz. Oh yeah, some rep from Texas named Paul

Huselkamp did not vote on S.990 but he did vote "yes" on the temporary extention in Feb so he's trash.

Pretty sad that there's only nine GOP reps who voted against all three bills.


.. I think :(


Congressman Phone numbers...


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Four Rebublican Senators Caved In (They should be voted out)..

Brown (R-MA) (202) 224-4543

Cochran (R-MS) (202) 224-5054

Kirk (R-IL) (202) 224-2854

Lugar (R-IN) (202) 224-4814

They joined the Democrats voting for Reed's bill.


These are clear RINOs I doubt anyone ever seriously considered

them to be actual Republicans.

But they need to hear their constituent's disapproval regardless, and they need to be removed from office.

samadamscw - thx for the list above

How can I find the votes are various bills online? I've been bouncing between http://clerk.house.gov/ and http://thomas.loc.gov/ but can't find the full list of those who voted "NO" like you have in your original list. thank you.

I pieced the list together from a more comprehensive one

that included Dems and those who voted yes. (it was a State by State list then by Party, then each name by Alpha with a No or Yes next to it)

I'm sure house.gov should have the roll call up by now. I'm sure Thomas eventually posts it as well.

The data I used was via Politico for the first one, and I don't recall for the second. I just Googled it.

Missouri's Billy Long Caved In

Looks like Billy drink too much of the D.C. water and betrayed the people that sent him to congress.


Pulled from his own website

"It’s simply criminal to allow the government to continue to spend money that we don’t have. As Americans, it is criminal to ask someone to pay for our debts just so we can live extravagantly today. If we do not change the behavior of government, my children will not raise their children in the same country that I grew up in; a place that instilled moral values in me from a young age. The principles of life, liberty, freedom and the power of the individual are values that we need to protect."

Simply Criminal eh? How long has he been in office and is already a Washington Puppet?

Billy Long = Status Quo

What happened to Walter

What happened to Walter Williams? He is Ron's friend and seems to vote with him...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

it's the baby boomers that

it's the baby boomers that suck the most

if a rep knows a vote goes a

if a rep knows a vote goes a certain way, they will vote another way so as to save their career and it doesn't necessarily they feel a certain way. it happens all the time. look for consistency like Ron Paul

My rep is McClintock

He does alright. He hates the evil Muslims though, and thinks we should be chasing these guys everywhere, forever.

New Blood

Any reason why we should not replace our senators and representatives who voteed for borrowing more money to add to our national debt. When you cut the increases in programs and call it cuts is dishonest.


Phil Roe TN-1 didn't

Phil Roe TN-1 didn't represent me in his vote, and I let him know this. I'm sick and tired of the people who are supposed to represent me in congress only representing the big money lobbyists, and he was voted in to stop this...absolute power corrupts absolutely

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

Please post

A list of those who did cave in would be even better. It will come in handy for replacing them. Time to teach those who betray the people with severity. Vote them out of office.

Ron Paul didn't cave?

No way! I'm shocked! :)


TWO Iowa congressman! My former and my new congressman. Makes me proud and gives me hope.

The Virtual Conspiracy

pride leads to vanity leads

pride leads to vanity leads to humility

Thanks for posting...inspired

Thanks for posting...inspired me to call my rep McCarthy and let him know I am deeply disappointed in his vote and encourage him to vote for Rand Paul/Conni Mack plan. Last time I called him was to thank him for voting against the TARP I think! He is the whip so I see him up there behind Boehner a lot. I wish my rep was McClintock.

Looks like the people in

Looks like the people in South Carolina have some good representation

Everybody but Clyburn!

5 out of 6

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

The plan was that Representatives represent us.

Maybe they can't here us?

How do we seek redress for grievances?

Free includes debt-free!

Redress Procedure.

It's called impeachment. But first, the People must be aware and care.

Pax vobiscum pacem et semper paratus bellum

You don't.

That part of the First Amendment was always a joke.

It's just there so they don't have the audacity to throw you in jail for begging them to behave and do their jobs. Nothing says they have to actually listen, agree to, or even respond to your petitions for redress.

Yep..WTP already tried.

Yep..WTP already tried. Delivered one personally. NO one has to respond..

I gave Jeff Flake AZ-6 a piece of my mind

I used Ron Paul's example... telling someone that is over their head in debt to go get another credit card is not sound advice, but that is what he did by voting YES for the Boehner plan.

I told him that I wished he was more like Ron Paul. Jeff thinks he's a big fiscal conservative because his entire career in the House has been about fighting against Pork spending. I told him that is not enough, has never been enough. I asked him to be courageous and go against the establishment, and cut 1 trillion in spending by ending foreign military occupation.

When I get my stupid form letter back from him, like I always do, touting how great a conservative he is, I'll know I wasted my time.