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101 things you can do to promote RON PAUL

(Obviously this could use some updating, but it's a good start) revised 12/07
1 Put RON PAUL cards on cars with political bumper stickers

2 Sport a RON PAUL bumper sticker

3 Write letters to the editor of newspapers in support of RON PAUL
4 Vote for RON PAUL in online polls
5 Wear a RON PAUL button

6 Wear a RON PAUL shirt

7 Donate to RON PAUL

8 Join a RON PAUL Meetup group

9 Post comments favorable to RON PAUL in pertinent online articles
10 Do a RON PAUL sign wave

11 Post RON PAUL signs on telephone polls (with permission only)
12 Post RON PAUL signs along roadways (with permission only)
13 Host a RON PAUL booth at fairs
14 Search RON PAUL on internet search engines

15 Use a RON PAUL stamp on …

16 Talk up RON PAUL on radio call in shows
17 Register to vote so you can vote for RON PAUL
18 Vote for RON PAUL in your state’s primary

19 Recommend RON PAUL videos to friends

20 Handout RON PAUL Slim Jims

21 Add a RON PAUL tag to your email signature
22 Produce a RON PAUL video for YouTube

23 Put a RON PAUL sign in the window of your parked car
24 Get a RON PAUL henna

25 Attend GOP county meetings in support of RON PAUL
26 Leave RON PAUL cards inside political books in the library

27 Leave RON PAUL cards inside political magazines in the library

28 Leave RON PAUL cards along with your generous tip at restaurants

29 Hand RON PAUL cards to people wearing political t-shirts

30 Become a Republican delegate from your state

31 Leave a RON PAUL card when you visit your ATM

32 Post a RON PAUL card at your grocery or other store bulletin board

33 Swarm community events wearing a RON PAUL shirt with literature in hand
34 Put a RON PAUL decal in your car window

35 Slip RON PAUL cards into your outgoing bills

36 Duplicate RON PAUL DVDs for handout
37 Call TV stations and ask about RON PAUL
38 When the occasion calls, chalk RON PAUL messages on sidewalks (with permission only)
39 Donate to the RON PAUL blimp program

40 Donate supplies for RON PAUL sign making events
41 Join a walk for RON PAUL effort

42 Be a driver for Paint the Town Ron efforts

43 Pass out RON PAUL-labeled bottled water at events

44 Send post cards to registered voters in your area in support of RON PAUL
45 Sign the online registry of support for RON PAUL

46 Wear a RON PAUL bracelet

47 Buy classified ads in support of RON PAUL
48 Scout telephone poles for putting up RON PAUL signs (with permission only)
49 Scout overpass locations for RON PAUL banners (with permission only)
50 Put magnetic RON PAUL signs on the sides of your car

51 Leave RON PAUL door hangers at the front door of homes in your area

52 Sport a RON PAUL car flag on your car

53 Hire a RON PAUL banner trailing airplane to fly over heavily attended events

54 Distribute the RON PAUL sponsored bill to end taxation on tips flyers to service employees

55 Write congratulatory letters to those who publish fair-minded articles about Ron Paul
56 Post RON PAUL bumper stickers along roadways (with permission only)
57 Direct RON PAUL military supporters to VeteransforRonPaul.org

58 Turn your car or truck into a rolling billboard for RON PAUL

59 Create a website devoted to RON PAUL news and activities

60 Donate to your local Meetup to cover supplies

61 Fly a RON PAUL sign using helium filled balloons
62 Participate in a RON PAUL caravan
63 Display a RON PAUL yard sign

64 Write a RON PAUL song

65 Direct truckers to Truckers4Paul.org

66 Direct seniors to seniorsforpaul.com

67 Produce RON PAUL pencils and pens
68 Direct Democrats to democratsforRON PAUL.com

69 Buy RON PAUL dollars

70 Promote RON PAUL on MySpace

71 Promote RON PAUL on FaceBook

72 Promote RON PAUL on JustinTV

73 Promote RON PAUL on flickr

74 Promote RON PAUL on YouTube

75 Promote RON PAUL on Digg

76 Promote RON PAUL on Eventful

77 Promote RON PAUL on twitter

78 Donate RON PAUL books to libraries

79 Give RON PAUL books as gifts

80 Distribute RON PAUL on home schooling to home schoolers

81 Participate in the RON PAUL Iowa and New Hampshire letter writing efforts

82 Produce RON PAUL kids’ balloons

83 Attend a RON PAUL debate
84 Demonstrate for RON PAUL outside other candidates’ visits

85 Hire a Skytyper to do a RON PAUL message

86 Issue a friendly challenge to a friend to match your RON PAUL donations
87 Arrange a fund raising concert for RON PAUL

88 Direct students to StudentsforPAUL.org

89 Direct libertarians to libertariansforPAUL.com

90 Leave a RON PAUL card or slim jim in your shopping cart at the grocery store

91 Join with others in funding a RON PAUL billboard

92 Join with others in funding a RON PAUL newspaper ad

93 Join in the December 16thTeaPary07 effort to have 100,000 people donate $100 to RON PAUL

94 Encourage other candidates who drop out to endorse RON PAUL

95 Direct Christians to ChristiansforRONPAUL.com

96 Direct Jews to Jews4RONPAUL.org

97 Encourage late night programs to have RON PAUL as a guest

98 Sign the necessary petition to get RON PAUL on your state primary ballot

99 Give RON PAUL’S reading list for Rudy as gifts

100 Direct Catholics to Catholics4RONPAULblogpost.com

101 Direct gun owners to GunOwners4RONPAUL.org

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Good stuff! Keep working and

Good stuff! Keep working and adding to this and we can have "1001 Ways To Elect Ron Paul President 2012".

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown


The list may be outdated, but there is something on there for everyone.

Bookmarked. Thanks.


Less than 2 weeks to the Ames Straw Poll.