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Liberty farms?

I don't know how many dailypaulers have heard of WWOOF (world wide opportunities on organic farms), but it is a great tool. It has been useful to me in locating productive and sincere people who share a passion for growing real food and being free. My concern is that I have yet to communicate with an organic farm that realizes the situation we are in regarding Liberty (in other words, not aware of Ron Paul, NWO, etc). Although my experience with WWOOF has yet to prove this, I am convinced there are productive organic farmers out there who understand and embody the concept of Liberty.

Are there any organic farms, of any size, being operated by liberty loving individuals?

This is what I, my girlfriend, and two dogs want to know. We have been trying to establish our own small operation here in Oklahoma, which has been somewhat successful for us this year, however it is late in the game as most of you know and we take life and our situation seriously. I regard the dailypaul community as a collection of some of the most well informed and intelligent individuals out there. I've come here everyday for 3 years and always wondered:

1. Are there any organic farms being operated by liberty loving individuals or families?

2. Do these farms need optimistic, respectful, hard-working, liberty loving individuals to help them?

If you're out there, please let us know!

I wish there was a way to find Liberty farms in a manner such as WWOOF http://www.wwoof.org/

So where is the Gulch?

***UPDATE 11/29/11***

I seemed to have run across a social-networking site for farmers. This could be a useful tool to find good food and good people in your area. I discovered it in this article here: http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles2/wolfe131.html

Here is the website http://www.earthineer.com/index.php

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Intentional Communities organic farming & fun lifestyles


it also has state by state listings


Liberty Village Starting Up in Oregon

Taking Dr. Paul's comments to heart, I have decided to use a plot of land I purchased in Oregon to start up one of these "liberty villages". The premise is Constitutional living, environmental responsibility and preparedness. We are hoping to get about eight to 10 families/individuals involved to make this happen. There are plans to have a home schooling environment that takes place in a classroom. (I know that is a bit difficult to understand, but believe me, it works.) Each person will be able to build their own house in their own way. It will be set up like a cooperative so that everyone involved gets to participate in the labors and the profits. I am very excited about the project and hope to start breaking ground this Spring. So, yes, we are out there, America, we just need to get the word out. The more of these villages that are formed around the country, the more difficult it will be for the government to abuse us and control us.

Liberty Village start up in Oregon. https://sites.google.com/site/greenbuffalocoopvillage/

Farmers for Ron Paul

I read on this site that Joel Salatin (maybe last name misspelled) is the head of a new group of farmers for RP. He is organic and very active in farming circles.


I am out there!

Ask anyone who knows me, I am WAY out there... lol1
Seriously, we have 17 acres of dry pastureland and expect to put the well in by April. We will then build a greenhouse and permaculture-style "Zone 1" in the first summer. We will be offering RV parking places for workers, and will even provide a little camper for anyone who passes the application process but has no RV. Next summer we will offer a more traditional "WOOF" arrangement, but as there is nothing but brush growing now, it would be a real stretch to call it a "farm" of any stripe. The weeds are organic, though - lol!
We will be posting our call for applications soon, looking for people who are self-reliant enough to help get the farm up and running.
Ah, I could go on all day about our plans, but I need to go feed the chickens, cows, fish, dog, cat and worms. If you are at all interested, please email me. We want to help people create self reliant communities and are looking for people who can stand on their own and stand together - NO PARASITES. You and your wife sound like just the kind of folks we hope to find, and if you want to get into details, email me and I will send you my phone number. We are looking for 4 people this year.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Along the same lines

Seems like you are doing what we are doing. Maybe we could share information on what we are doing to improve our concepts. Let me know.

Liberty Village start up in Oregon. https://sites.google.com/site/greenbuffalocoopvillage/

Thanks for the reply!

Let me know more specific dates for projects as they are planned and we can plan a trip.

I came across a social network-type site for farmers in a Backwoods Home magazine a while back. Once I remember or find the site I'll post it on this thread as an update.

I love these exchanges and think its a great way

for liberty minded folks to work together and find like minded neighbors (near or far) to advance possible future plans for creating more sustainable and/or safe(er) family and community environments.

Those bumper stickers and T-shirts might be a good way to know who to look to for in your area or when traveling out of area, should you need information or find yourself in need. They could probably be trusted to give you better advice than just looking through a local phone book or asking at a gas station. (still taking into account your surroundings and safety of course, don't want anyone to think I am coming across as naive! Just saying it would be one way to look for people in safe public areas.)

I share your sentiments! The

I share your sentiments! The neighborhood I want to live in is the neighborhood with the largest percentage of DailyPaulers.

SE OK is nice ya'll there's lots of land fer sale.

i was looking to do something similar in

NY State. However, one of the issues i've faced when discussing it with other liberty minded folks is the issue of NY's harsh gun laws. One can protect their home but aside from that there is little freedom.

Well if you never leave the

Well if you never leave the farm then you'll be safe!

We were considering moving to California after we worked there for a while, but decided against it for similar reasons. You're not allowed to have a dark tint on the windows of your car, but the police cars look at batmobiles. Just creepy. We actually had to sneak our homegrown produce inside state lines. They have a checkpoints. And the mountains don't feel too private with helicopters flying around.

Anyway, If you really want to be in a secure location, look into areas nearby such as New Hamsphire. I reckon there are some firearm respecting farmers in that region. You might check out "Strategic Relocation" on youtube if that's what your looking for.

Let me know what you decide. I think a network of liberty farms needs to be established.

Organic is hoax

Hate to tell you but it is

Seriously? Please explain

So if I grow my own food, using all natural methods that agree with..and take care of the land around me..using no chemicals, then I have created a hoax? Please explain? Although I assume that this is simply a drive by comment of ignorance.

The USDA may have bastardized the term "organic" for corporate labeling needs...but that doesn't mean that people who actually care about their food and truly do raise "organic" food are part of a hoax.

The Koch brothers, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck..among others have bastardized the term "Tea Party" while attempting to hijack our movement. However, just as the original Ron Paul Tea Party is deeper and more pure than their bastardized non-movement...true "organic" loving people will not have their hard work and dedication ripped away from them, nor will they stop raising good food, just because the USDA decides to hijack the term "organic".

What's a hoax?

Not spraying your food with pesticides?

Not using genetically altered seeds?

That said, one could argue that BUYING organic is a hoax.

I believe what was meant was:

That the term "organic" has been taken over by the USDA, they have compiled their own rules on what the term means. Even Joel Salatin cannot claim that his organic food is "organic". Buying organic is not a bad thing, the term has just been turned from an ideal to something that will provide profitability for the USDA...it's very expensive to become organic. It's always best to use your own judgement when buying organic, and not just counting on the label to tell the whole story. Remember, this is the government's idea of "organic" and may not necessarily be your idea of "organic". A good read to clarify would be "Everything I want to do is Illegal" by Joel Salatin.


I just consider it a method or technique. The phrase "organically grown" is more suitable now that "Organic" means what the State says. I remember reading an article by Mike Adams on naturalnews.com suggesting that he trusted the USDA label, but as a natural skeptic of any authority, especially government, I find your points very true. Thank you for your response.

can anyone reccomend an agricultural lawyer?

please and thank you, I need someone who really knows the regs.


Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund


All EATERS should be MEMBERS (IMHO)!!

good luck!


contact your state Grange

They should have references.



thanks for the reference, much appreciated.

Shout Out Across The Gulch

Contact me ( or anyone else for that matter ) …

… I have a fascinating international adventure internship opportunity I would be happy to discuss with you.

I know this is against the rules...

just trying one more time...please understand.

hey there!

I am just North of Ada, right on the South Canadian river...my wife and I have 40 acres that came with some mobile homes, and we plan on building a home this coming spring. Then we plan on replacing the mobile homes (3) with built houses and selling them at reasonable prices to like minded folks. In other words..we won't be able to advertise because I don't want anyone but freedom lovers as my neighbors.

Anyway...The name of our farm was/is going to be the Liberty Farm. We have also bought a building downtown where we would like to sell organic veggies and have a restaraunt that will be open from about 6am-2pm Monday-Saturday, and from say..5pm-8pm on Friday and Saturday nights for dinner. That of course would be Liberty Cafe. So eventually we will have Liberty Farms and Cafe.

Our town only has about 300 people in it, but we have a lot of traffic from oil fields and gas fields that are covering this area.

I love your idea..and have been trying to push something like this for years now..and I've gotten pretty much the same response you have.

Where in Oklahoma are you?

Do you ever do any noodling?

Do you ever do any noodling?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

You bet we do!

We all look forward to the water getting to just the right level so we can noodle. During the spring when it's too high we put out catfish and turtle traps and catch oodles of catfish and soft shell turtles.

Then when it goes down enough that we can work the rocks we start noodling. I stick to the rocks after seeing my brother in law get bit by a beaver on the leg. Some of the old timers call me a wuss...but when they hit the beaver looking holes and the brush piles I sit on the four wheeler and drink cold beer.

We had a good season this year, but it's going to be a few years before they get back this way. At the end of the season we were pulling 60-75 lb cats out of holes just to keep them from dying. One day we pulled 3 65 pounders out in about an hour and got over 100lbs of fillets.

The river has gone dry since then and most, if not all, of the fish have died..so now it's a two year wait for them to work their way back up from Lake Eufala. But we will always have the soft shell turtles and they are yummy yummy yummy. The river is a great place to hunt deer and hogs too. But I won't go into any details on that one. :O)

:0)!!! If you ever bump into


If you ever bump into a man named Harland Stonecipher, tell him The Billion Dollar (briefcase) Man in AZ. says hello!!!!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Yeah he's taking it easy these days..

after selling Pre-Paid here in Ada. Actually he donated 2 million to our local college the other day.


He's an old Tupelo guy, where my Grandpa and I went to school. Pretty good old fart if you ask me. Will do!

He's a great old boy. Had

He's a great old boy. Had several meetings with him in Ada and once on his jet. A real straight shooter IMHO. I didn't know he sold PPL. I hope he bought some gold!!!!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Hey Dale

We are in NW OK. We are looking for acreage in the Talihina area, near the Ouachita mountains. We will be viewing some property soon. If it goes well we will be in your area. If it doesn't we'll be asking to stay in one of your mobiles!

I like your idea about parceling out land to freedom people. We have considered doing the same with friends of ours if we ever buy land. The Organic Liberty Cafe is a great idea as well. I believe freedom is centered around food. We grow food wherever we are so if you open we can certainly help supply you. If you guys need any help on a project let me know because we love to work. If you have any more ideas let's hear them and get this thread bumpin'.

Here's a ready-made farm for sale by the mountains but its out of our price range:


That place is beautifull!

But yeah..kind of pricey. We might ought to get together and shoot the bull for a while...especially if things don't work out with where you are looking. I have an aunt living in one of the mobiles right now and another one is used for storage at the moment. But she is going to move eventually and all it would take for the other to be open is me getting my stuff out and making a few repairs. They aren't great by any means because I plan on building homes where they sit and taking advantage of the sewer and utilities already being hooked up. Didn't want to sink money into something I was going to probably recycle anyways..know what I mean? They are simply livable..but could be better with a second set of hands to help me. haha

My neighbor has his house up for sale in town..if you want to call it a town..haha They are wanting to sell it so that they can build on their land that joins mine. Great people..we've thought about buying it for a rental so that they could get started. I believe it's a three bedroom with a shop for around 60k. (A temporary possibility, it's not over 3/4 mile from their house to our land) We let the cattle roam over both pastures for now, but I plan on implementing some rotational grazing in the future.

Right now we haven't made a whole lot of progress on the veggies side of life..we've been really hunkering down to pay off all past debts and will be completely debt free come November, except for the land payment. We plan on starting our house this spring and should be done by the winter..then I will spend a month or so completely remodeling the very big double wide that we moved in. We plan on putting in all new pine flooring, pine walls, log siding, wrap around covered porch, and green metal roof. We will be selling it with a couple of acres..with a great view by the way....for probably around 90k to the right people, which will allow us to completely pay off our land. It's a five bedroom, two full bath..but lots of changes are possible. Like making one of the bedrooms a mudroom or storage and such.

No matter what happens, we should get together and stay in touch. We have lots of possibilities and we're hardly getting started as of yet. We home school the 5 and 2 year old and most of my work gets done when the wife gets home. Any other time I have to work around naps and meals since I'm the cook too.

What do you guys do for a living if I might ask? Any chance of being of Native American descent? Card carrying of course.... The Chickasaw Nation owns pretty much the whole town of Ada and as long as you have a CDIB card you will eventually get on. My wife works there and loves it, she's not indian, but well educated and needed thank goodness. AWESOME health insurance is free for the employee and only $25/month for the entire family. You just can't beat it. Of course we're right on the South Canadian river too, so lots of fun and catfish when there's rain.

I plan on starting some aquaponics and raising our own tilapia and catfish as soon as I can get it all figured out. We will never go hungry that's for sure. We have two deep freezes full of pork and beef, and just took one more longhorn steer that weighed in at 790 lbs in today.

I could go on and on......I'll try not to. Anyway let's keep in touch and I'll shoot you an email or something.

I'm in Enid. How far are you

I'm in Enid. How far are you from me, Chill?