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A Golden Opportunity...

Golden Bear, a band from Austin, TX will wear Ron Paul t-shirts and promote Ron Paul on-stage at Austin City Limits (a enormous music festival in Texas), but only if they get voted in. Right now they are in 6th place, a little less than 500 votes behind 5th place. And only the top 5 bands get an invitation! Voting ends tomorrow!! So we need to turn out the vote ASAP. Can you help? We need to go vote for Golden Bear and get them in the top 5 ASAP!

Here is the link... http://acl.mp3.com/feature/soundandjury/?band=GOLDEN-BEAR

What a great opportunity for exposure! And please, make sure you vote only once, ACL is tracking IP addresses of those who vote multiple times. Thanks for your help everyone!

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Check Out Chuck Baldwin's last two articles!!

Everyone, I just two of Chuck Baldwin's articles regarding the presidential campaign among other things. They are both pretty strong! Make sure you read the one titled 9-11 six years later, and the one dated 9/14...these are the most current.


Golden Bear made the cut

But the time I got authorized to vote for the band, the online polls had closed. But no matter, the Daily Paul gang rallied and got the Bear into the finals.

Is this a great country or what?

The Ron Paul Bump

hi guys and gals,
this is brent from golden bear.
thanks in large part to you all, we are now in 4th place!
the competition ends at 3pm central today, and it's still very close between 4th, 5th, and 6th place, so please continue to let your friends know and vote if you haven't had a chance today.
thank you!!!
long live liberty, and long live our republic

Come on

Gee whiz, they'll wear Ron Paul tee shirts IF they win. Where did they get that idea? Hillary campaign? What a bunch of pandering desperatos who apparently KNOW they don't have the talent to win without bribing the rEVOLution.

Just think if you were a musician in one of the other bands HOPING music lovers would make a choice based on tapping into the sound you created aatracted a population sincerely, and you come to find out the group who won, won ONLY because people who could give a crap about being sincere in giving artists a break, voted to get Ron Paul tee shirts being worn on stage.

Ballot stuffing defeats what the RP rEVOLution stands for: TRUTH, FREEDOM PEACE PROSPERITY.

It would turn more people OFF than onto RP rEVOLution.

a reply to granger

i don't think of ron paul's supporters as those who are easily "pandered" to. yes, we are looking for votes to get past this round of the contest, but not by "ballot-stuffing" or cheating. if anyone goes to the site and doesn't like the music, or simply likes another artist better, i would encourage them to vote that way. this was simply to inform you that the contest is going on, and should we happen to advance to the next round, and then the final round, which will be a live performance with judges and audience participation, then we will do what we do anyway-support ron paul. i have supported ron paul since i saw him speak and met him at an anti-patriot act rally in bastrop, tx back in 2001 or 2002. in addition to supporting ron paul, i also am a full-time musician and play in several bands and recording projects. in this occasion i was simply asking for support from like-minded people who may enjoy the music too. i apologize for the way you took the invitation to vote.

Break a leg ronpaulrocks Rockin for Ron Paul

Hey now ronpaulrocks. Thank you for squaring with me and offering an apology (which to me, an apology is only an explaination and that's awesome). I accept.

I don't envy you for your choice of profession. It's not a fair business you're in, and it only gets meaner the bigger you get. I'm sure you KNOW that. There are many talented people who never make it to where you have arrived, and many who are talentless business-schmucks who make it because of manipulating, inside deals, MSM/CIA/FBI/legal and illegal connections, which is why the music business sucks (the life and talent from orginials). Every musician needs an Aaron Russo, Bill Graham, Steve Jobs, or some such power broker (like Al Gore, who only proved those musicians have no voice of their own) reguardless, to seperate them from the pack. That is who you are really competing for, a producer. Indeed, producers of all walks are watching this poll. I really hope you find the producer that suits you, and if it is in the "stars" you will, (be careful for what you wish for, it may not be what you think when you get there, just ask many of those who died far too young while the profit (royalties) off their ultimate misery continued to make the MSM/CIA/FBI/attorneys, rehab and privatized corporate prisons financially rich, while flushing innocent people who only wanted a good time)

The fact you made it on the list and are getting airplay should be a reward in its self. It's one thing for you to promote the contest, it's another to "chum". The only producer you will find is a "Shark" who smells desperation and the willingness to sell YOU out.

Let your sincere fans "pander" for you. Follow Ron Paul's lead. How can a musician from another band in the contest slam you (and trust me, they all will join in against you) if it is your fans saying, "Did you know Golden Bear is "Rockin' for Ron Paul?" Let them put you on the inside, let them promote and protect you, as all of us do for Ron Paul. DailyPaul is not the inside. If I was a member in a competing band and came across this article in DailyPaul, I'd be spreading this fast to defeat you, I'd have written several letters and if I was hoping for Al Gore to be my producer, I'd take Ron Paul DOWN with you...FLAMIN' HOT. And I would get somewhere I promise.

And I think you "feel" that. Because I think you too would be upset if you found out Nelo (which I wouldn't vote for personally) won because they promised to wear tye dye tee shirts with FRED THOMSPON, and Fred heads voted for them for ONE reason. Which some of those here voted for YOU for one reason: RON PAUL.

Enjoy being "little fish", HAVE FUN being "little fish", (FUN is addictive) offer to play at local Ron Paul Meetups for free, Start a Golden Bear Meetup just to jam; most important don't stop making connections, connections with people who RESPECT YOU for being REAL and TRUELY sincerely FUN good guys...be the underdogs and eat it up, and take a hint from the good ol' Grateful Dead (who were the biggest little fish ever), It's not always the music (though Jerry Garcia certainly had a sound people craved) but it's more about living the life you love and loving the life you live just where and who you are. BE HERE NOW. CONGRATS ON NUMBER FOUR.

I hope you win because they LOVE YOU, not because of Ron Paul! And like you, I'm Rockin for Ron Paul. We Pauli Girls could use a Rockin for Ron Pauli Girl song. Break a leg!

all in good fun

we're on the same wavelength here.
i'm much more concerned with dr. paul winning the election than with winning this contest!


I tried to vote 4 times last night it wouldn't take my vote
I will give it one more try today.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Last day to vote for Ron Paul loving band!

I had just written that you can vote once a day, and that was is, but it seems today is the last day to vote at all. If you voted yesterday, you can vote again today. "Only one vote, per email, per person, per day is allowed."

Golden Bear is just 122 votes away from 5th place, the bar set for invitation.
Keep voting!!!

1. nelo music 5118 votes
2. Quiet Company 4842 votes
3. Homer Hiccolm &... 4635 votes
4. Blue Flashing Light 4165 votes
5. The Frontier... 4117 votes
6. Golden Bear 3995 votes

Look At All The Happy Creatures


You wrote:
"And please, make sure you vote only once, ACL is tracking IP addresses of those who vote multiple times."
But the website reads:
"Only one vote, per email, per person, per day is allowed."
Note the "per day"

Look At All The Happy Creatures

"Golden Bear" got nowhere

A day later, they're in the same position with no appreciable "bump" whatsoever. What's the deal? Where is our 30k-strong army here? This is a good opportunity at no cost, people! ACL is a good show on broadcast TV!

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

It is done

Good enough for me. If they are going to wear his shirts then they must be supporters so they got my vote.