Cool Ron Paul booth with a theme...

This fellow who owns a hot air balloon has been to our NH balloon festivals displaying a Ron Paul sign on his basket and handing out literature. He was there at the Strafford County Picnic with the basket and a huge custom-painted banner covering his trailer.

But he really has gone the extra mile here, where in his home state he has a fully decked out Ron Paul booth at this balloon fair, complete with a video being projected on the banner.

More photos here:


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Outstanding team effort

Thanks for posting this Jane but you give me too much credit. This amazing booth was actually put together by the energetic members of the Tolland CT meetup and they got help staffing it from other CT meetups as well. I was happy to play a small part in it's success. We reached a lot of people there I'm sure. I understand there were over 10,000 people in attendance Friday night alone.

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First, I'm sorry I could not find your full name -- I knew that the Tolland bunch had done this but after all it's your balloon! I met you in Strafford, NH too. Did you know that the plane with the banner was supposed to go across the sky that day, but it was too windy? What a view from that hilltop it would have made! :-)

Second, thanks for showing how you can indeed reach 10,000 people of all stripes -- families just out having some fun, who may not have even realized that the time to vote was coming up soon...and who may not be decided yet on who they will choose.

I have had nothing but great experiences at these fairs and NH has some big ones. There is also going to be a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race at NHIS on Sept 16 and a million cars go through there, good spot for a sign wave!

(I usually work the track that day on the fence but won't be this year)

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