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I am running for Congress.

I live in Jack Kingston's district in Georgia. Jack Kingston voted for Speaker Boehner's budget deal; ergo I am running against Jack Kingston in the 2012 GOP primary.

Now, go and do likewise. Even a token opposition is better than none at all.

Get this folks. The filing fee for a Congressional seat is $5,220, third highest in the nation.


Looks as if Georgia is about to find themselves in Federal
Court. If that doesn't work, I'll see what's involved in getting a pauper's affidavit; then they have to let me file for free.

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I am running away from Congress

I wish there was somewhere to run to.

that ship has sailed

its destiny is set.You know what I mean.

Former Sav. Resident

Bob, I lived in Sav for many years, Whitemarsh Island to be exact. I still receive a newsletter from Rep. Kingston. According to his latest newsletter, he claims he voted "No" on raising the debt ceiling, citing it "it did not go far enough to change the fiscal trajectory of our country". However, according to Rep. Kingston, he voted "Yes" on the "Cut, Cap and Balance Act".
I hope this is an honest mistake on your part, and not something nefarious. Jack Kingston is no Ron Paul, but he does have a pretty darn good voting record. Rep. Kingston's newsletter can be found here:

Kingston voted for Boehner's budget sellout.

That broke the logjam and started the eventual debt ceiling compromise. Watch "Point of No Return," my YouTube video.


It names the 22 heroes who voted against the Boehner sellout, including Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann.

Kingston is a coward who waited until he knew he could safely cast a "No" vote on raising the debt ceiling. Also, read what Ron Paul has said about the phoney "cut, cap and balance" for which Kingston voted and you mention in his defense. No offense, but if you want a coward to represent you, please continue to support Jack Kingston; after all, I didn't ask for your vote. So much for my having "nefarious" motives.

We need more pro freedom candidates.

I am running for township supervisor, and two friends are running for sheriff and school board. We are endorsing each other and running on the message of protecting the constitution. One is a Democrat the other is a Republican and I am a Libertarian. It doesn't matter what party but I can tell you why I am a Libertarian is because I think it the best way to relay my message. I am not happy with both parties. I think they are both way too corrupt{we need a change from the two headed one party system).

The important this is to restore our great Republic, and to get involved in the process.

Good luck to all the candidates on this site that are running or decide too run.

Hope On The Way,
Matthew C. Schutter

I used to go to church camp

I used to go to church camp with his daughter, Betsy. Nice girl. I know some folks in Sav that could help you out Bob. Do you know Gaster?

Thanks, Richtirx.

I met Gaster once, but we didn't exactly click. I'll keep you posted.


money bombs for you!

Thanks, Levonavakian, but...

let's see if I can raise enough signatures before asking anyone to donate their hard earned money.

Wish Well, Website, Kick-off

Good luck, Bob. I wish you well. If you have a website, see if you can place an icon on the DP linking to your site. When's your campaign going to kick off?

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

My Advice

Raise some money and run a 10 second TV ad the day or week before the election.

The ad should say: Jack Kingston voted to raise the debt ceiling. I will never vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Bob-45 for Congress.

I like it

Hahah i like it, Bob-45 for Congress!

It will say at least that much, J.

Certainly, there is plenty of public access equipment available.

I'm running for Township Fiscal Officer

We need more than just Congress! Get on the ballot for something/anything. There are plenty of state and local offices to run for. Most local ones are just part time so won't have big effect on your current schedule. The fiscal officer spot I am running for is just 2 meetings a month in the evening plus a little work in between looking over the books.

Now get out there an get involved. Take not just Congress back, take it ALL back!

And you know where the training ground is for higher office? Yes, local office! It's a feeder system. Dig up this monster by the roots, even the little roots. Starve it of new bad blood.

And with local elections this fall if anyone gets elected they can endorse Ron Paul. Imagine that, an army of local elected officials endorsing Ron Paul.

I like your message, Liberty4us, but I think many of you...

are missing my point. I have very mixed about this, as I feel a responsibility to do my best, but I have NO political ambitions. However, somebody has to set the example. My interest has always been national politics only because I consider the federal government the greater threat. Cut the federal's jurisdiction back to its Constitutional limits and I'll be more than happy to serve in any local capacity where I can be a help.

"Citizenship is what makes a republic ..."

"Citizenship is what makes a republic -- monarchies can get along without it." - Mark Twain

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Running for office is the #1 way ....

.... to spread the message of liberty regardless if you win or not. The press will give you unlimited opportunity to get your message out and people will listen to a candidate far more than some "joe" ranting in the street. And whoever you run against will be forced to answer to the questions you bring up (questions that the press will not).

God bless you for taking this step. You are an inspiration. I am seriously thinking of running myself after I retire from the government (yeah ... I'm part of the problem .. lol).

By the way, when were you in Baltimore? I have been in Southern Maryland for 25 years.

I take my marching orders from the Constitution!

1983-1992, MdKidd

I LOVE western and southern Maryland, just not Baltimore or DC.


I have been thinking the same thing... The district I am registered is in Southern California (I think 23rd or 26th) it is David Dreier (a republican) who votes for the patriot act and the super congress. Dreier did cosponsor audit the fed (so he's not all bad). The district I live in is in northern california, sonoma county, and is currently represented by Lynn Woolsey (a democrat who is retiring after 20 years). I am extremely interested in running for either of these seats. The filing fee is 1600$ I believe. I have two lawyer friends who are prepared to do my paperwork and help me win. One has worked for succesful democrat and union campaigns, but is willing to help me as well. I have been hoping to find the financial support I need here at DailyPaul. To tell you a bit about myself,my name is David Scherer and I am a 28 year old small business entrepreneur. I run a skate board company, miramarskateboards.com

Let's go after these debt deal making authoritarians. If there is interest, please let me know!

Drier likely only sponsored "Audit the Fed" because....

he knew it had no chance of passing Congress.

I don't normally contribute to political campaigns, as I have no say in how the money is (mis)spent. $1600 is a lot of money, but I probably lost more than that yesterday in the stock market, thanks to Boehner, Kingston, et al.

Check out my videos at YouTube, David. I'll be happy to donate one to you, if you like them.




I saw you were looking for some poster designs... I dabble a bit in graphic design and would gladly do some work for you. I agree that Dreier is a shill.


I bet, once you lay out your stance on the issues, most of here would love to support your run for congress! You can bet I would donate at least a few bucks from Texas!

Please don't hijack Bob's thread. Start a new thread so we can keep the two candidates separate.

Let us know your future plans. Good luck!

With Freedom Comes Responsibility



Thanks for your support. When I am more prepared to make a commitment I will come back here to DailyPaul and create a new Congressional candidate thread.

Thank you and best wishes.

Thank you and best wishes.

Great idea! Congratulations!

Great idea! Congratulations! Please keep us updated! And let us know if you need any help

Thanks, Thehighwaymanq.

Now that you mention it, I need someone to either design me a banner or suggest some ideas (including a slogan).

The best I could do are the red and blue colors of the flag and what they represent. "Valor...Perserverance...Justice...Fallin for Congress".

How much does it cost to run?

Hi there,

Anyone know the cost of running for office? At a local level or the senate?

That all depends on how serious you are.

Right now, I'm only concerned about the costs associated with filing and setting up a website.

Good Luck!

Quote : People of avarice, often bearing sociopathic tendencies, are attracted to politics. And the rest, like Lord Acton warned us, are quickly and easily corrupted.