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Great discussion about Jobless Growth and the Economy

Please help educate some of these people.


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It's ALL about

the MANIPULATION of America.
The World sees the downfall of America as the down fall of Christ's influence. SIMPLE.

What they fail to understand is GOD sets up kingdoms, NO one else. For HE builds them up in one day and tears them down in one day. If it's not America it will be another.
Then you also have Israel, which after they find their false messiah shall find him wanting. Then shall their slavation come.

They have the World looking for their False messiah. In the mean time Christ gets crucified over and over. Their daily sacrifice in Heaven, till HE comes to claim HIS promise. "The promise" was to THE SON of Abraham and HIS people , not to a NATION of unbelief.

REPENT and believe and you too can be saved.
Sorry, the facts are brutal.
But, GOD is SO gentle to them that believe, while giving rain to all people.

The ONLY thing that increases efficience

is the ELIMINATION of the human being from the JOB.
The very people who create efficiency machines.

Wake up people.
YOU are being tapped AND ELIMINATED.
This process centralizes POWER. It is a preclude of anti-christ.

Lovely to look at lovely to behold , but you cannot eat gold. What will you be able to buy or sell?
As for me , I will stick to what works and what I know, The LAW of Christ and the U.S.Constitution.
Till Christ takes me home.
Then too, I will be back.


I hope he realizes that machines are made by skilled people. Complex automated systems require extremely skilled people to maintain and fix them.

Until machines can innovate and create other machines that can innovate, then we don't have to worry. Until then, keep working, keep educating yourself, and be happy.

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A machine needs one maintaince man.

how many jobs does a machine replace ?
I already conceeded that people create the machine.

My comment is about; "why the replacement", when we need jobs. CONTROL. Less jobs, is Population control also.
Are you going to propagate when you cannot afford yourself?

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"how many jobs does a machine replace?"

here, watch this:
I don't agree with all his conclusions, but his premise is relevant.

Do you think everyone likes doing menial, brainless tasks by hand? Of course not. Everyone can do more. The extent to which they are convinced they cannot is what needs correcting—there's the lack of faith.

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Think of all the jobs lost....

..when the automobile was created! Think of all those out of work stable managers...Puhhlees!