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Ron Paul on Cavuto 8/6/11: Credit rating downgrade

This morning on Fox News:


A wake up call for the people?

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Ron should use every second to educate

When he is on fox. I think it makes sense that anything that he says should be bullet points that people can understand AND he needs to plug his website or dailypaul or something.

When talking on fox end everything or somewhere within a talking point "and to find out more about how I would fix our economy go to ronpaul2012.com"

ztart using each interview and PLUG the revolution.

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Ron Paul was talking about

Ron Paul was talking about bonds and Cavuto puts up his hand interupts him and says 'weve got to be careful'?! Why? To me it sounded like Cavuto had been told not to talk about problems in the bond market. did I miss something? Does the media talk about problems in the bond bubble? Suddenly i feel cut off from the outside world because i dont watch t.v.

Stop! We've got to be careful! - Cavuto, holding his hand up

I noticed the same thing. Cavuto talks over and abruptly interrupts Ron Paul when he begins talking about bonds and interest rates. Cavuto warns to be careful, holding his hand up like a traffic cop signaling someone to stop and then Fox immediately changes the video to a graphic showing the AA+ rating downgrade.

Jump to exact point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWonuHfJOAc#t=3m56s

Ultimately, Cavuto and Fox are still corrupt state controlled media, in the game of deceiving people.

Better version

It's on the frontpage, so I can't change it anymore, but here ist a better verson:

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Bump for RP!

Bump for RP!

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Studio tech stepped in the frame

Whoaaa! lol

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

That was Rand Paul

demonstrating how to limbo and backpedal through a crisis @ 1:02.

Great interview

The Doctor has owned the economic discussions recently. I love that he's sticking up for himself by saying, "I said this was going to happen." People need to see that he is the only one that knew the problems, and he is the only candidate that has the real solutions.

It is dire. Congress sold our

It is dire. Congress sold our country out. Period.

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To neocons who are into "creating our own reality"

RP's warning that "The economic law is powerful." and "The market is more powerful" than governmental plunge-protectors' maneuvering must sound truly alien.

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