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Hope For America - New Ron Paul Song by Steve Dore

Steve Dore, musician and friend of Ron Paul has written a great new song about Ron Paul, titled "Hope for America." You can listen to it/download it here:

Visit Steve Dore online at his website Inflation Nation:

And on MySpace at:

Thanks Steve!

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Yes, the reggae is a fun one.

I really like both "Hope For America" and "Ron Paul is Here!".

The reggae song is awesome

because reggae is awesome and so is Ron Paul. Awesome work

Check out "The Fate Of Kings" at and if you buy it, I'll donate the money to the campaign!

The variety is interesting. :-)

It shows how broad Ron Paul's support is.

Here's another song.

Ron Paul is Here! "Three Shoes Posse"
Cool reggae band wants Ron Paul for president.

I wonder if there are others? :-)

I noticed one of the comments on the song that Lisa linked to said:

"On May 20th I've started a myspace page called bands4ronpaul please come check it out. Its to unite Artists, Musicians, Writers, Videographers, etc who are into Music Culture and want to use their talents to spread Ron Paul awareness, and Strengthen Ron Paul as a growing Youth Movement! come check it out please!"

I don't have a myspace page and haven't checked it out yet, but I thought I would pass that on.

Ron Paul Music

Hi all,

As far as I can tell and I've been looking carefully, these are the only 4 songs that are mentioned among you plus one called, "The President Man" posted here at (soon to be page=7 when another post is made here) Or you can hear it at on the front page under Ron Paul.

I have another one, called "House Call" that I hope will be posted here this week. They just keep coming. :-) This Ron Paul happening is just too awesome and so much needed.

All the best and thanks for listening and hopefully enjoying.



I like this song better . . .

Don't get me wrong, I was impressed with Steve's work especially his lyrics, but his music is just not my style. I prefer this "Bob Dylan" style folk song I found on YouTube. The folk song gave me the feeling of revolution. It was produced by just a man, his guitar, and his web cam, but even though he lacked fancy equipment his music/message still came through and I was inspired!


More Music

Glad to see that people are making Ron Paul music. I don't see that popping up in other campaigns!

Here is another Ron Paul song, by a Tennessee project called "The Pixels"

Check out "The Fate Of Kings" at and if you buy it, I'll donate the money to the campaign!