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Steel from World Trade Center being used in two 9/11 memorials in Denver

More than 230,000 pounds of rusty, twisted steel will arrive Monday in Denver, when a police and military escort will lead a flatbed truck loaded with massive beams along a route punctuated with stops for solemn honor-guard ceremonies.


Maybe we should highjack the load of steel and have it tested for thermanite (sp?)...

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That's the first thing I thought too- " Test it"

But then again...chain of evidence. They reckon if they took all the splinters from the "True Cross" on which Jesus was crucified from all the churches, the cross would be about 2 miles tall : )

It might not be from

those buildings, they just told them that. On my wedding day I lost a lucky penny my brother said he found it. Later I found out it wasn't the same one. lol

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I thought the same after I post the above...it is probably old stuff from before 9/11 that they needed to get rid of at a good price...and Denver fell for it!

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probably new pieces of steel which have no thermite traces

Im sure thats what it is.