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Harry Reid Super Committee Picks in Place

POLITICO Breaking News

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to tap Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) to serve as the co-chair of the deficit reduction super committee. His other two picks will be Sens. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and John Kerry (D-Mass.), according to Democratic sources.

For more information... http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0811/60980.html

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Let's have a very public and ugly

controversy surrounding the debt ceiling (even though two of the main opponents, Boehner and Obama are golfing buddies)and then when the general public sees how inefficiently Congress plays together - we will set up this special committee who will act like grown-ups and fix everything.

Sound about right?

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Looking forward

to seeing Rand and M. Lee getting the nod.

I think Rand will be 'hitting' cleanup :)


JSBach, This is a forum for all sorts of issues, not just for

Grassroots Ron Paul supporters like me and you..

This is irrelevant to liberty grassroots... focus on Paul!

This is all irrelevant to those who realize both the significance of Ron Paul seizing the nomination, as well the extreme and well planned distraction measures the neocons have in store to prevent that focus!!

This is but one small example! It is but one of the many planned 'mothers of all distractions', being desperately dreamed up by the two major parties!

It is not for no reason that the frauds and oath breakers who have been 'anointed' to the 'Roman Senate in the Clouds', complete with their misty grapes and wine as they glance with sated unseeing eyes over the edge of the fluffy white clouds down to the teeming unwashed masses below, form the core of the anointed traitorous neocon invitee list! They have been spotted with such regularity, by an enlivened grassroots, like 'firebugs' in and around the vanishing hulk of a once humble but magnificent, liberty structure!

It is our prayer that the fake religious, together with the irreligious oath breakers, will together be undone, and banished at least from office, but more, from the enjoyment of their ill-gotten gains!

We shall not bow to these unwashed and arrogant public servants, seeking their approbation to our hopes and dreams. But, we shall ignore them, plowing instead into the real issues of greatest moment which face liberty this day: the nomination and election of those who will change the course of this ill-wind, and in changing it, erase the putrid trail these neocons have left.

When each new distraction arises, and many will in the weeks to come, remember to focus on the prize they fear most... the changing of the name on the White House mail box to 'Dr. Ron Paul'!

I get my weekly talking points from this guy:

Super Congress: "Easy Prey for the Military-Industrial Complex" - Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk


Free includes debt-free!

fireant's picture

Toro Turds

Republicons have no testicles. How dare them sign on to this pageant. One day, if we can get enough Rands and Rons up there, they will make their case, fold their arms, and let MSM scream. That's what should be happening right now.

Undo what Wilson did

Start early!

To best represent me, reject ALL legislation proposed by the unconstitutional Super Congress.


Free includes debt-free!

So Sad to See Them Scallywags Disrespect Our Constitution

"Some day we shall have liberty." ~ John Adams

At a loss for words

I just don't even know what to say. My first thought when I read this headline was "Who the h*$@ is Harry "#&* Reid???!!" How dare any of them undermine our Constitution. There was a lot of blood shed for this country and they are a disgrace to every American.

After Kerry's passionate plea

After Kerry's passionate plea on MSNBC to media that anyone who disagrees with them should not be covered by the media.... What a truck load of crap this man brings to the table. This super congress and their unconstitutional powers needs to be stopped in its tracks. Boehner, Cantor, McCain & any other Republican who sold out America needs to be turfed out of office ASAP. The democrats will have to face the music in 2012.

Super my a*s.

This is an impeachable/unconstitutional offense. Reid, Murray, Baucus, and Kerry should be dragged out in front of the people, tried, and "severely" punished. Any of the R's doing this should experience the same fate. Who in the government will stand against this?

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"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey

I would say it marks them as "domestic enemies" of the


Now, if we can just find someone who took an oath to defend against that...


grrrr and there's not much more I can say without getting into trouble! I tried to vote your thread up, but my computer really seems to be on the blitz lately...

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