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"It's Time We Quit This! It's Trillions Of Dollars We're Spending On Wars!" Iowa Debate Videos

Highlights, along with We Just Plain Don't Mind Our Own Business!:
FOX Poll: http://www.topix.com/issu...


Parts 1-7:

(minus 5?)











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Well, THAT was painful!

Just forced myself to watch the whole debate.... UGH

My impressions were:
Those who seem to have NO support at ALL:

Romney !!! (AMAZINGLY for the "front runner"...no applause after almost anything he said... I was stunned)
Santorum -- should drop out soon if this was any indication
Pawlenty -- should drop out soon.....
Huntsman -- should drop out soon.....

Those with less support (applause) than I would have thought considering all the hoopla that has been given to them

Bachman (VERY little applause or enthusiasm... another stunner for me)
Cain -- probably will drop out in later months

Gingrich got more support for what he SAID in this debate than I would have thought.... but mostly that was because he was criticizing the media and the audience obviously agreed with him on that. But he got BOOED when introduced. Probably will drop out at a later date due to lack of money.

Of course, the good doctor got the most applause.... CLEARLY this bothered FOX and RUSH.

Don't you just love the smell of FEAR in the morning?!


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

is there a list of how much

is there a list of how much time each candidate was given total over the course of the debate- it seems like Ron Paul was largely ignored for the first portion of the debate...

A full version is up now:

A full version is up now: http://youtu.be/yDSs_XFmacc

I'm RealHarrySeaward on YouTube and @JayToTheDee on Twitter.

He should put it to them like this...

Iran doesn't even have a missile capable of reaching Isreal.


You're more likely to die from a peanut allergy than you are to die from a terrorist attack.

You're more likely to die from a honey bee sting than a terrorist attack.

And the biggie...

You're 8 times more likely to killed by a police officer, the enforcement arm of our own government, than you are to be killed by a terrorist.

So, let me get this straight...

We should allow the president to define who is a terrorist, we should allow the government to assassinate or torture said terrorist without a trial or due process throwing our constitution out the window...

...because of a threat no greater than a bee sting?

Do you trust Obama to decide who lives or dies? He's already said it's ok to assassinate U.S. citizens if they are a "suspected terrorist"...without due process.

And is it worth it to spend $4 trillion dollars tearing apart countries and rebuilding them?

The American people need to get their priorities in order and realize that the military industrial complex benefits from these wars... not the American people. Stop listening to the propaganda. The American people need to wake up and realize that the war drums are beat in the media by the people who profit from these wars.

(It's so easy sitting here in my living room coming up with these great answers! Poor Dr. Paul, you can tell he gets flustered because you can't answer deep questions like this in 30 seconds.)

I try to stay positive, but

I try to stay positive, but don't you guys think the media is going to use this to tell people he wants Iran to get nukes? You know, and scare the Hell out of them.

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they always have used, and will continue

to use every dirty trick their dishonest minds come up with. This is a very long, hard battle.

Part 5 and 6 are here:

Part 5 and 6 are here: http://youtu.be/WGl8IE1sqh4

I'm RealHarrySeaward on YouTube and @JayToTheDee on Twitter.

Smoking mushrooms does nothing at all

Psilocybin is destroyed around 175F so the dude is a total retard.
I bet the guy never even took chemistry in collage...

Pharmacratic Inquisition

If you like mushroom mythology, here's a doozy.

YouTube "Pharmacratic Inquisition"

Ha. I was thinking the same

Ha. I was thinking the same exact thing. WHAT A MORON.


"Blah blah blah Ronald Reagan blah blah blah Ronald Reagan blah blah blah..." - Newt Gingrich :p

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Ron Paul Highlights - 1 Video

Not sure if this is already posted elsewhere. (It's actually two parts, but it should play automatically)

I'm really tired of the whole israel thing....

"amadinejad said xyz, we have to take him serious"

no we don't. Israel has to take him serious. we do not.

And obviously Israel has not taken Iran seriously. If they had, they would have already declared war on Iran, and we'd be watching one helluva fight right now. Or maybe it would have already been over and the world could move on to bigger more horrific problems then biting our collective nails for 7 million people.

It's Israel who I don't take serious. Quit hiding behind the U.S.

If they got some business to get done, put up or shut up, and quit dragging us into your crap.

If they can't stand on their own two feet, let the people of Israel come to America, we can absorb 7 million people.

Hell we did that last week alone in illegal aliens.

Only one condition. The Israeli politicians aren't allowed here.

It's a fair trade off. 7 million Israeli's get a new home, and the few hundred politicians, well ...good luck to them, some where else.

Tell FOX News who was your favorite

by voting in the poll on the right side of the page: http://live.foxnews.com/

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I posted 8 different polls we

I posted 8 different polls we need to vote in here: http://www.dailypaul.com/173628/3-who-won-the-debate-polls-t...

So far the only one Paul is not winning in is the world net daily poll.

I'm RealHarrySeaward on YouTube and @JayToTheDee on Twitter.


They started a new poll....Ron Paul was at about 60% and now it says 43.63%....Too bad for Fox....Ron Paul is still in the lead...way far ahead in the lead...


"terrorists don't have any rights under our constitution"

1: So foreign terrorists have no rights under our constitution? How do you know they are terrorists with out a fair trial? So basically foreigners have no rights under our constitution is the only conclusion I can draw from her statement.

2: What about domestic terrorists, do they have any rights under our constitution?

3: If foreigners and terrorists have no rights under our constitution, then does that mean only citizens have rights under our constitution? What about illegal aliens, do they have rights under our constitution? If citizens, that are not terrorists, are the only group that has rights under our constitution, does that mean that mean the constitution gives us citizens our rights?

4: The constitution gives us our rights Michelle Bachmann?

5: The constitution gives US OUR RIGHTS MICHELLE BACHMANN?

That's what I thought, you worthless politician, Bachmann. Be gone from my sight. And take that shredded up constitution with you.

I live by the declaration of independence.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights!!!!!!!!

so shove off Bachmann, I'll vote for Obama before I vote for Bachmann.

im thinking EVERYONE..

See's right through these clowns man they have for a long time, and now the majority knows about ron they finally have a choice and no matter what who says once the ron paul bug gets you everyone else look like a bunch of desperate nervous liars.

Fox debate poll

I noticed that Ron Paul won the debate poll on Foxnews.com immediately after the debates. I returned to their website about an hour after the end of the debates and Foxnews had removed the results. Typical..

While watching the debates online there was a strong force of Ron Paul supporters in the chat room.

I am looking for a Ron Paul montage

who cares about the war mongers .... just Ron Paul
don't care if he looked blue or green either

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As watching just Part1 of this, I need a break.

The attacks against Ron Paul from all sides are vicious.

I don't like to see Ron Paul expending such a great amount of energy defending the attacks from this trash.

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Mox' youtube pts. 6 & 7 are the best.

I'm glad Ron was attacked, giving him 30seconds each time to make his feisty points against wasteful costly wars and for civil liberties ("You don't want to translate our rule of law into a rule of mob law" @ Part 7, 4min10).

They all

like to take shots at the front runner problem for them is our guy has bullets and brains and when he shoots back you are toast as in Santourm.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Don't like Ron's color here

I hope Ron is doing OK. He looked kinda yellow on stage. Maybe it was just the lighting. Next debate, he needs to have more red shined on him. I hope he's well though.


he looks good man dont trip about minor details, this election is not going to be one of BS too many important things are going to happen in the coming months, no ones going to care

The more they shun

The more they shun him, the higher he climbs.
I wanna go higher! and higher!!

Ron Paul 2012

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Fox was completely biased AGAINST Ron Paul!

Fox totally set this up to be against the good Doctor. They hardly gave him any time to speak, his microphone was the only one that got screwed up, and they hardly gave him any direct questions, mainly rebuttals. I'm sure they knew he wasn't going to be as strong with only a thirty second response time. It was noticeable that he was getting frustrated at times. But Ron Paul still did exceptionally well given the circumstances. Also, I don't know if others were experiencing the same thing, but most of my comments on the twitter feed were not going through on the Fox live chat. That was complete BS. Finally, even though he is polling to be the best candidate, they didn't even give him an interview after the debate. This is JACKED UP, and their preposterous antics are only going to fire up the grassroots even more!!


John Stossel did give Ron Paul a good interview after the debate on "Stossel" Fox Business channel. However, you are right Hannity should have given the good doctor a chance. It is possible that Ron turned down the interview with Hannity as he did in the prior debate. I do agree with your point about how Fox treats Ron Paul unfairly in these debates, but thats nothing new and it does stir the fan base up to work even harder to get Ron Paul elected!

Ron...Paul...is...amazing. Th


That is all.

God I love

This Congressman. Is the straw Poll going to be streamed ?